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“hurt them as best you can so they learn”

Nice typical male comment there

Not for the first -- or last -- time, I'm amazed at how men immediately go to thinking of their genitals as weapons. For a shocking number of men, it seems that sex and violence are inextricably intertwined.

But then they get twitchy when we think of them as rapists ...

The comment going "omg they think women are genetically predisposed to makeup" is completely out of nowhere yet the other TIM's are lapping it up. Like pardon, boys, where did the OP ever say that?

And yet I just saw a thread where one of them says women are designed to do more domestic chores all in the midst of a conversation about being a “tradwife” and being into BDSM. They’re cognitively hopeless.

If makeup isn’t a “woman face” kind of thing, then why do TIMs cake it on like there’s no tomorrow?

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I prefer using the term “FART” to TERF - Feminism Appropriating Radical Turdnugget (or Terrorist, if you wish)

Such an original thought - I'm certain that poster came up with it themselves! I also love the potential to swap out a word for Terrorist! You know, that thing radical feminists are historically known for.

Wait, does this dude think we're terrorists because we won't have sex with them and we don't want them in our spaces?

... What exactly does he think ISIS is doing?

I wonder if he writes his own material or has a talented team of comedy sketch artists?

Someone in the comments referred to the radfem in question as a terrorist. TiMs make up nearly half of all sexual abuse cases in the UK alone. Some kind of clown world we’re in that is blind to rapists in dresses and chases after women who refuse to be silent any longer. Smdh indeed.

I love how they are scrambling to come up with an acronym other than TERF now that women have claimed it like a badge of honor. Sorry boys, you made our war call mainstream, can't change it now. 🥰

Redditors on r/whitepeopletwitter throwing around the slur, "terf." One commenter says "Aw, Violet needs to EAD and choke. Maybe then she won't talk so much." EAD stand for "eat a dick." Other commenters refer to women as "farts" or "Feminism Appropriating Radical Turdnugget (or Terrorist, if you wish)." It's clear the word "terf" is being used to insult, attack, and threaten women here and Reddit doesn't care.

Original link: https://www.reddit.com/r/WhitePeopleTwitter/comments/y6jiee/terfs_likening_trans_women_wearing_makeup_to/

omg they think women are genetically predisposed to makeup

Except you blokes think it gives you all rights to our names, words, spaces, things, etc

Hell Dullard Vulvainey seems to have earned the right to speak for us due to that alone. The new “spokes girl” for Ulta