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What an evil thing to wish on another human being.

I don’t like TIM’s, I despise what they stand for and find them breathtakingly offensive, misogynistic and often frightening...I wish they would stay away from women, I wish they would get treatment for their clear mental delusions and entitlement problems, I wish they would find peace with themselves, in their male bodies and meaningfully contribute to society in a positive way.

I would never wish cancer on them.

I hope this amazingly brave feminist woman stays healthy and happy and I send her all the best wishes for the future 💚

I wish they would disappear from planet earth all together. I think they're an evil on humanity. There's nothing good that their existence contributes - in fact the opposite. If this transgender thing was fiction I would honestly think it was heavy-handed and unrealistic and yet here we are.

To counteract this horrible wish of the man’s (and any TRA who agrees with him:)

I hope that terrific, exceptional, rational female stays cancer-free, and lives a healthy, happy life.

Sending good vibes her way <3 🥰🥰🥰

Account seems to be typical Gayden based on bio (he/they, Good Omens fanfictions etc...). Although very small account so could be a non-trans troll but there are plenty of vile TIFs like this.

What happened to "be kind and do better"?

Only women are required to be kind and do better, it's in the handbook you were given with your first visit of the magic hormone fairy. You know, after the sorting hat where you chose to be a woman.

At best, men can only be told to "educate yourself," but even then it is only a suggestion, and not a death threat.

its just a thinly vailed threat we all know what happens if we don't lick kowtow, its no different to any other abuser using code words to get the victim to shut up and beg. only difference is this is large scale

Like the commenter below me, I wish this woman well, and I pray that she remains healthy and lives a long and happy life!

No one should wish death on a cancer survivor. How can anyone be that cruel?

How do these absolute mental astronauts not realize how disgusting that makes THEM look? I’ve never seen a response like that in my life to anything where the nature of that response didn’t outshine whatever was being criticized as more repugnant. That’s such an insight into themselves they just give away for free. Such an ugly, pathetic one. Like you wake up, look in the mirror and go, “I’m the person who wishes cancer would come back and kill someone! So much to be proud of!”

But then I doubt these people have enough self love for themselves to understand that.

The right side of history, they say...

And how dare this person use the triple moon symbol, they are not worthy... hiss.

Seriously, what a fucked up thing to say. I hope that GC Grandma keeps swinging in full force for many many years to come, and is able to keep the child in her life safe and sound.