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The woman he almost killed wasn't a TERF. I doubt she gave a second thought to transwomen before one nearly murdered her.

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Of course he is having a blast, he is a violent male given free pass to hit women

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Good ol’ Boyd Burton (FFs “deadname”)....his misogyny and violent narcissistic tendencies are showing 🙄

I like the comments. Fallon = Phallic Felon

He's a monster who gets off on committing violence against women. I don't follow sports. Please tell me no woman will EVER engage with him again?

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Even better--an actual woman beat him in the ring. The crowd loved it.

If he's allowed to continue to fight he will kill someone and then what are the libfems going to do. My guess is side with the TIM because transphobia is violence or use the same argument they use when it comes it BDSM "she consented to getting in the ring so it's just a horrible accident"

Neither Erica Newsome or Tamika Brents were "TERFs" but keep lying to push your false narrative, you fucking ogre.

There's not much I agree with when it comes to Joe Rogan but he was 100% right about Fallon Fox and TIMs in general. This overgrown man should never, never be allowed anywhere near women. This is dude who failed at being a man and couldn't cut it in the men's sports. In fact, he should be in jail for nearly killing Erica Newsome.