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Love the fact that men are allowed to openly threaten and advocate for violence against women, but a woman wearing "adult human female" gets kicked out of a pub.

Feminist as fuck!

Kill women I hate.

I don’t recall Andrea Dworkin, Gloria Steinem, or bell hooks calling for the deaths of their political opponents.

I also like how “fuck” is censored as if that is too dirty/offensive to say, yet threatening to kill women he disagrees with is totally fine.

Hmm. "I'm so feminist that I want to murder feminists" basically.

Yet we’re always supposed to have “I don’t hate trans people” as riders whenever we criticise them.

After seeing shit like this, I’m ok with saying I hate trans women (aka these men).

The key difference is that when women hate someone we just want them to stay away from us. When men hate someone, especially women, they want to kill them. If TIMs wouldn't colonise our toilets, statistics, medical attention, shelters, sports, yada yada... I wouldn't care about their existence - they can chop off whatever part of their bodies they like and get silly names+pronouns.

The scary thing about male misogynists is that they hate women, but also want to own one.

Creeps that got full permission to be creeps… gross that any woman would support these wannabe murderers.

Is there any other group at all where openly saying you want to kill them would not get you charged with a hate crime or something? E.g. if I went out wearing a "Kill All Nazis" or "Kill All Wifebeaters" t-shirt, would that not get me in trouble? Wouldn't I immediately get the damn police going "Not all nazis..."? But advocating for the killing of non-violent women is okay? I guess it always was and always will be.