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Hi! Just gloating here on good old Ovarit, where you warned us not to repost this, as I run my evil terven eyeballs over the bad thing you didn't want us to see! Funnily enough, it's archived and available to all! Isn't that super neat?

P.S. You do not have a dick to choke me with, because you are a biological female. Had you one of the inferior newfangled, limp, coke-can replacements, there's no way you could stop me laughing long enough to get it near me. Solidarity, sister! Hope you see the light someday! :)

You do not have a dick to choke me with [...] Had you one of the inferior newfangled, limp, coke-can replacements

Yep. Not much of a threat there when your meat tube would probably detach with some simple pulling 🥴 lmao

If your teeth got hold of it as she was choking you you could probably just bite it off with a light clench

Yeah. When she was talking about bone density I figured she had to be female.

Lupron affects girls that way. I haven't heard of boys having those sort of issues on Lupron.

Actually laughed out loud

Isn’t it bendable like one of those pop tubes? Couldn’t I take it and bend it like Superman bent that rifle in that movie

He mentioned Ovarit. He's probably reading this. Okay here's a response: How can I choke on something that's so tiny? LMAO get rekt, scrote.

when I asked for help with bone deterioration when I was on lupron, nobody believed me, I was faking it, I was overreacting.

Yes, women's health problems are so often dismissed in the exact way you described.

It's almost like your oppression is sex based and threatening other women with rape won't change that.

I suffered lots of negative side effects. It got so bad I needed a cane to walk. As well as hot flashes, joint pain, brain fog, chronic exhaustion... also headaches happened from time to time. And they're the same pressure headaches as described above. So I'm wondering... is it true?

WE ARE TRYING TO TELL YOU THIS!!!! But you won’t listen.

Seriously, if she comes and sees this here - she needs to know that we have been trying to talk about this but her own community of TRAs don’t want us to speak and especially not about this.

The surgeons and big pharma are profiting off their bodies and laughing all the way to the bank as they get sicker and sicker.

We tried to tell you 🤷🏻‍♀️

This is my entire problem with pediatric “gender care”.

It doesn’t matter to me if girls want to play sports, or boys want to dance ballet.

It does matter to me if kids are allowed to destroy their health before they even reach adulthood.

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So she admits to hate reading the site. 😂

Edit. Yet another teenager who thinks their parent is a narcissist because GASP! the parent tries to make them do chores! (My brother claims the same, it’s ridiculous.)!

Lol. My 14 year old called me a "tyrant" recently because he is required to shower, tidy his living space, and put away the clean dishes.

I cannot fucking imagine letting a teenaged child make major, radically experimental medical decisions

I keep seeing this online. Anyone they get mad at has NPD and they "no contact" them.

🥲 A teenage girl threatening to rape women with a penis? Why is this so common with TIFs? Is it the T? Is it the internal misogyny on steroids from too much internet exposure?

Whatever it is, it makes me feel absolutely nothing when their bones start dissolving and the other health problems come knocking on their door. There are other women who need my help and aren't like... This 🤢 so good luck with your self hatred, kid

"Trans kids" see both men and women in terms of misogyny.

Because of their desperation to reject the simple material realities of sex, all they are left with to define men and women is...gender. Which is, fundamentally, misogynist sex role stereotypes.

So, trans-identifying girls act out violent contempt for female people because that's How Men Are. Trans-identifying boys act out extreme bimbo stereotypes because that's How Women Are.

Apparently threatening other women with rape helps her feel masculine 🤷🏽‍♀️

She might want to consider why she has such a low opinion of the male she wants to cosplay

All TRAs are phallocentric. They’re obsessed with feeling powerful because of their d!cks/fake d!cks

Yet another Reddit user threatening women they label "terfs" or "ters." From their post: "if I see any terf here in the comments, on my profile, or see any of y'all fuckers repost this to ovarit, I'm coming for y'all, you'll choke on dick so hard you'll need a feeding tube for the rest of your life from the damage."

The violence some trans individuals threaten against women is genuinely shocking and disturbing. I don't get why it's ignored, but it needs to be documented. It's not ok. Original link: https://www.reddit.com/r/truscum/comments/ylalu4/pseudotumor_cerebri_puberty_blockers_and_terf/

Yes, it is both shocking and disturbing. This one is a little girl though, from whom penis-based threats are both entirely theoretical and unthreatening. It's penis-based violence from AGPs that largely concerns me in a concrete way, because they are dangerous men. But this general violent posturing is pretty distasteful. Too bad everyone ignores it except us.

Ooh yes, she’s going to track down every user of Ovarit across the world. She probably doesn’t even know where half the countries we live in are.

This kid spends a lot of time posting on suicide subs. I hope she's okay.

She’s breaking my heart. She needs therapy, not medical abuse.

Does she? I didn't check her post history. I hope she does find some support.

So she's so f*cked up on hormones her body rejects that she nees a cane to walk, has constant headaches and brainfog, hot flashes, joint pains and probably a myriad of other physical ailments... and she thinks she's "such a tough man" that she can intimidate and fight perfectly healthy women?

Like, I get that her fantasies of sexual violence are deeply misogynistic and the product of an unhealthy mind, but the fact that she thinks these threats are anything but pathetic when she's whining about her ill and weakened body in the same breath...

Sis, you'll be needing that feeding tube yourself soon, and it's 100% your own doing.

First thing I thought too! She's physically incapable of committing the violence she threatens and provides all the evidence herself. Such denial. I'm a late 30s, out of shape stoner, and she'd struggle to even knock me off balance.

Honey, if you're hate-reading, gender ideology did this to you. Those same people will not help you fix this mess. In fact, you will soon find yourself a pariah in your own community simply for bringing attention to the adverse effects of transition. Get real help. Trans is killing you.

Her bones are probably so fragile, she would break her own hand punching someone. This child needs therapy, not hormones.

Yes, absolutely. I feel sad and worried for her. Her post reminds me of how an animal acts when you try to save it from a trap - aggressive, defensive, and pathetic. I wish she could see there is nothing wrong with her body, that she can express her identity however she wants! How does threatening other women with rape benefit her or any other human in any way? It’s just so sad.

That's such an apt comparison. After reading through her posts a little bit, I feel really sad for her. I hope she finds some peace and stops harming herself.

This is tragic. This young lady was/is being medically abused and she's asking advice of people who want that abuse to continue, and threatening violence (that she cannot carry out personally as a disabled female) against basically the one and only group of people who genuinely care about people like her, the one and only group, the FIRST group, to sound the alarm and warn them that this would end in bone loss, neurological issues, premature aging/death.

If you're reading this, please get real, non-Trans cult help. I know that's hard to find since doctors and therapists who push these drugs stand to make more money than those who don't, but try to find people who won't play along with the thing that you know is a lie. The thing that is hurting you are has permanently disabled you. I know that's hard to read if you haven't really internalized that truth yet, but yes, you are permanently disabled because some postmodernists and billionaire trans-humanist males wanted to play god, and you were the guinea pig.

Read this:


She's in really, really deep and she's asking for a lifeline from the people who shoved her off the pier. I don't feel any desire to gloat or laugh at her outcomes, but she can't make any progress when she's making such vile threats to other women. I bet deep down she really wants to direct her anger at the people who did this to her, but socialization has taught her women are always the target. She hasn't examined that yet, but someday she'll have to.

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