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Transgenders online like to use those smug ";)" emotes, but I can just tell they're always seething

The saddest thing about this is that she is clearly lurking here because she knows, deep down, that there is really something wrong with the TRA cult she has so wholeheartedly bought into. I can't make fun of her, I just feel bad for her and hope she makes it out alive without permanent physical damage. Also that she lives long enough to a be a middle-aged woman who looks back in embarrassment at her "rebellious" phase.

Who's going to tell her that many terfs were originally TRAs and libfems... until they started hatereading r/GC or radblr.

I hope so too, but in her last post that got shared here she says that after all the Lupron and other hormones she now needs a cane to walk. She’s only 17!

I don't feel bad for her. She's actively threatening women. I don't care if she's a teenager. She's old enough to know better. Everyone has a hard adolescence, but not everyone goes around threatening and abusing other people. This speaks to her character and threats, no matter how harmless, are never ok. The fact that Reddit allows this is also a problem.

There won’t be as much “looking back” because if she’s medicalized, she will live the regret every single day, sadly.

She posted against single moms in the men’s rights sub. You can’t make this shut up.

Doing her very best to emulate male toxicity and violence.

They really do tend to turn into that, don’t they? They honestly believe being male means being an abusive POS

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I wanted to laugh at this Aiden who seems to think saying 'dude' makes you convincingly male...but her posting history suggests she's just a teenager. Yup, when I was a teenager I also thought I was somehow different from other girls and dismissed older women's opinions. There's nothing we can say to persuade her right now - she actually seems to think baldness will be the worst side effect of cross sex hormones. It is really sad.

I use “dude” but I’m from California. I never thought about it being a male “signal” but that makes sense. I do get mistaken for a male pretty frequently. Interesting.

Every time I see TiFs use "my dude" or "bro" for each other is just...I believe cringey is the word. Ladies...please.

I wonder where she learned to insult women in this sexualised way? Surely not from the men she's aping! Poor love. Her Mum must be worried.

Yep. She's insulting the very thing she is. There's definitely a lot of self-hatred there.

Her comments repeatedly talk about how hilariously stupid our discussion is and how much she laughed when reading them and just so much physical laughter it literally caused and like it literally made her laugh out loud. Lolol so edgy.

Whatever you need to tell yourself, hon.

I'll keep an invite code for you in a few years when you grow some common sense.

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It won't be hers, though, because she doesn't have one!

Also, her female socialization is betraying her, and making it obvious she's female...no real man would use any kind of a smiley after telling someone to choke on a dick.

Apparently we're all boomer Tory wine moms? Is that an insult? 🤣

Do I get a half point for being a Gen-X unaffiliated hot chocolate pet-parent?

Lol the Tory bit could be pretty insulting, if the vast majority of us weren’t lefties (pretty sure we are) being a boomer wine mom sounds like a good time tho!

Not to mention that the majority of this site aren’t Brits!

Tricky being a “boomer wine mum” when one is a childfree teetotaller.

Gen x vodka auntie is about the best I can do 😂

Haha better than me, “millennial dog mom” isn’t very snappy as names go 😂

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