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Doubt it because they disregard anything that doesnt follow their agenda. And even their own ideas dont make sense. Trans women are predators and invaders of womens spaces, yet trans men erasure make them think that they are just poor confused girls who have been sold a lie. Its bull all the way around

Ummm how is this not a movement of pervy dudes and confused girls/young?

Made up of young women who don’t want to be bimbofied permachild sex objects, and the middle aged men who do

Precisely! And this shows the insidious nature of gender. Gender is a set of stereotypes created by society that a person can take on to signal identity, and sex is the body. One is a tool that is used to maintain the hierarchal status quo, the other biological reality. How do they miss this??

Because they yearn to believe the lie.

I see so many assumptions of what "terfs" are on Reddit and none of them ever seem to be right. I'm not conservative. Never have been, never voted that way. I support abortion and gay rights. I'm certainly not a nazi. I support women and women's rights. I don't give money to any groups that support fascism. It's like they just make up the most heinous things they can think of and label that "terf." Trans people really have a skewed view of reality. That's clear by the fact that they think they can change their sex and that many of their assumptions about those they perceive as "enemies" are just flat out wrong. What are other people's thoughts?

Original link: https://www.reddit.com/r/asktransgender/comments/yo8qqd/do_you_think_terfs_have_an_extremely_academicist/

Think it's also partly because TERF has become something of a catchall term for transphobe. Radical feminists and the most right-wing anti-abortion anti-women's rights people are both TERFs, apparently, even though you couldn't call the latter feminists, let alone radical feminists, by any stretch of the imagination. If you consider TERFs to refer to everyone you consider a transphobe, yes, I suppose you would end up with contradictions, where TERFs apparently all hate men and femininity but also love gender norms and think women should behave a certain way.

They’ve turned the term into like a folk villain. Doesn’t matter what gender critical people really say or do, you’re a scary, scary woman trying to chase the poor, poor downtrodden, most oppressed trans women just trying to peeeee out of bathrooms with bibles!

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Yeah, I’m quite left wing. Vote NDP as a Canadian, not a nazi or religious.

These people just like to imagine TERFs as the boogie man.

Also, they always like to say things like “TERFs want trans people to die!!” Or some crazy exaggeration. Like no, I just want you to acknowledge the reality of sex and that sex is immutable. Gender is a meaningless distinction. Seriously, why would regressive gender norms be more important than biological sex? Why would you sort people into gendered groups rather than sex based groups? They can’t even define “woman” but want to make the distinction between man and woman bathrooms, sports, awards, etc. Sex is very clear and defined…I’m ranting now.

Honestly, their arguments against gender critical are more right wing than anything we have ever said (as in all they have are thought-terminating phrases and are incapable of addressing any issues we present).

Literally any time I’ve argued that women and girls need single sex facilities and sports (the former bc of the danger that males are to women and the latter bc of sexual dimorphism and differential treatment), the trans mafia just starts screeching that we want them to die. They don’t have any arguments so they hope if they cry louder that we want them dead that everyone will just ignore the actually argument and comfort the “victim” trans person. And sadly it has been working.

I've always voted left and am considering the communist party in my country's upcoming general election because they at least hold on to a shred of material reality, But Okay.

God the subject of that post grinds my gears. I hold academic feminism responsible for a lot of the postmodern libfemmy directions taken over the last couple of decades, particularly in the west.

I love how they all fall back on the “science”.

Science doesn’t support transgenderism in the least.

Science doesn’t support transgenderism in the least.

Well, "science" does support transgenderism insofar as science means what mainstream/media scientists are saying. And the mainstream scientists and scientific organisations, be it WHO and NHS, do argue that transgenderism is scientifically valid. As such, I don't expect the unintiated to get all the necessary background to verify whether the scientists are lying for political motives or not. Especially when, in the current climate, questioning the mainstream scientific consensus can get you labelled an idiot, an anti-vaxxer, a covidiot etc (not sure about the first, but I am definitely not the latter two).

Science around these topics is, at its barest essentials, an exercise in probability and statistics and you can get anything to look like "science" if you beat the data around enough. And indeed, searching transgenderism on scholar.google reveal numerous papers validating the ideology.

The upshot of this point is that how scientifically true something is should never be a major component in deciding national/medical policy because those with power would definitely manipulate the scientists to publish out result that suit their desired conclusions. How logical and scientific are their papers become irrelevant when the research is so much that anyone would come off as a flat-earther suggesting that all of that research is wrong and agenda-driven.

Yes! Reminds me of the “science” claiming fat is bad and sugar is a-ok.

This was just institutional capture like most things in academic 'science' are these days. If you go back to the 1930s and earlier, dietary science had already figured out that high-fat diets were healthy and that sugar (and insulin resistance) were major problems leading to other diseases.

I know, right? It's like they deliberately will not accept the truth. I don't know how they function in the world if they consider someone disagreeing with them to be "intellectual terrorism."

Science doesn’t support it at all, but they’ve bullied scientists and institutions into not being able to say that or their funding will get pulled or people will lose their jobs.

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They use the term nazi because they don't want people looking into what we are saying about what their ideology entails. Calling us right wing conservative nazi bigots is an easy way to do that.

I've been reading here a while and reading GC before the purge and I can say with confidence a lot of us started out as trans alliies and most of us seem to be left leaning women who support abortion / gay rights etc (ya know, things white right wing bigots don't support).

I'm as far from a right wing conservative as one could get. I'm fairly certain the type of right winger they are trying to paint us as would hate all of us.

To boil it down, it's cope, just like everything else in their lives. If former allies and left leaning women can turn against them, anyone can, when they find out about AGP, rapists in women's prison's etc They have to call us nazi's to scare people away from listening to us.

Boof--It (Someone commenting in that post): "Terfs don't make any logical sense"

Really? They make perfect sense to me. They make perfect sense to Richard Dawkins (yes, I claim that's important). If they didn't make sense, even a little bit, I'd notice it.

Go watch Helen Joyce talk about Trans for 13 minutes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8nmSVOlvVYg Show me one trans cultist who talks freely, fluently and fast like her.

Our side has nothing to hide. We sleep better than you.

Also Boof--It, 2 days ago:

"I am MtF like 70%+ a woman but also feel fluid/nonbinary and don't hate feeling male sometimes. I'm so confused. I have dysphoria about being male also and it gets really bad sometimes. I can't seem to stop thinking about how confusing this fluidity is and I'm driving myself crazy. It doesn't help that I read a lot of truscum crap saying fluidity isn't real and it's just "changing dysphoria". I keep worrying I'm not really fluid or something, or that it's wrong to feel this way.. I just don't get how I can have bad dysphoria but also feel fluid/nonbinary."

Why are these dudes such perverts... “boofing it” is slang for putting drugs... in a certain orifice in the body. Wtf.

One of the many things I do not miss about reddit are the disgusting usernames that males come up with.

Oh? I didn't know. He has posted in r/drugscirclejerk btw.

That checks out! My loser ex also frequents that sub. That’s how I found out about this gross practice 🤢

My word-replacer browser extension delivering:

Some suppressive persons think that they can't respect the most stunning, brave, most interesting and most oppressed people in the universe because a Janice Raymond book says it

Witches will do anything to justify their hate

It definitely makes sense that opposing the mass sterilization of vulnerable individuals means subscribing to an ideology that is pretty much the exact opposite.

the debate over whether trans people’s existence should be allowed.

Goodness, they love their strawtranswomen, don't they?

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Lots of obscuring cult speak in that preddit post -gotta keep the kids confused and thinking they are in a secret special club.

"The fabrications I've made up about what they believe don't make any sense."

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