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Also, Liar! Li-arrrrr! Terfs are perfectly fine sharing women's spaces with TiFs, because we know no amount of injected testosterone will protect them from being raped in the men's room.

Its like they don't even bother speaking to us and asking what exactly our viewpoints are, they just shove words in our mouth as if they know us better than we do.

They're just coping. They wish we saw "transmen" as men. The fact they acknowledge though that "for some reason" there is a desire by women who identify as men to continue to use women's spaces when apparently it's so important to use the sex's space you "identify with" says they're not as oblivious to male violence as they pretend to be...

Yes! It’s like the first part is too sensible so they add some bullshit to attempt to scare or outrage TIFs. Trans men are women, and thus are included in women’s spaces.

This is a hate crime surely? (An actual one)

Holding GC beliefs is a protected characteristic under the equality act. This sign is intended to induce fear and compliance through singling out GC women based on their protected beliefs. And it’s intended to incite hatred in other students and encourage them to inform on GC students.

This surely meets the criteria for the hate crime component of the equality act.

You are probably right, but it will take something happening to an evil terf before someone can sue


If I was a teenager in that school, I would tear those papers down one by one.

Genuinely insane.

Someone should flagrantly abuse the system to report trans/nb students for every instance of gender wrongthink, no matter how subtle. They want a witch hunt, they can have one.

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What happens the first time a TIM gets pissy because they won’t let him sit in the soprano section?

He'll strap on a giant pair of balloon breasts and some cycle shorts and they'll have no choice but to let him belt out that high C.

Yes, yes, I know the laws are different between the UK and Canada, and you know the laws are different between the UK and Canada, but they barely grasp the reality of their own bodies so I don't see them grasping legal "nuances" either.

Uhh, no? We do not assure that people who are born female aren't allowed in women's spaces. They just love making shit up. Seriously this is Soviet/Nazi-levels of creepy, where everyone informs on everyone, and even parents have to fear their own children.

Seriously this is Soviet/Nazi-levels of creepy, where everyone informs on everyone, and even parents have to fear their own children.

Completely agree.

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Even beyond the absolutely unjust targeting of GC rad fems, isn't this blatant discrimination in that it only seeks to punish women holding GC thoughts? If men have GC thoughts and opinions, they don't need to be reported and they can get away with it?

Someone really need to bring this up and lodge a legal complaint for all the problematic ways it's targeting women.

Oh hey. A link to an anonymous submission form. Wouldn't it be a shame if someone started spamming it with random paragraphs from Harry Potter books?

I spotted this on Graham Linehan’s Substack, link pasted below. It says:

THE TIMES: London’s Institute of Contemporary Music Performance (ICMP) asked students to inform on each other over gender critical wrongthink.

The Institute of Contemporary Music Performance (ICMP) is a private music school which, according to its own website, “Has been developing and delivering music education and training to students of contemporary music for over 30 years”.

This term the ICMP displayed a sign on a large TV screen at its North London campus which said the school was taking a ‘zero tolerance’ approach to ‘TERFs’. “What is a TERF?” asked the sign. It subsequently described radical feminism as ‘a specific form of transphobia’ because “The primary TERF assertion is that trans women are not women and accordingly have no place in women’s spaces”. This is hardly an extremist view; that males cannot be females is a biological reality and one that is reflected in law.

The sign also entirely misrepresented radical feminism (which includes and supports ALL females, however they may ‘identify’) by claiming “TERF’s [sic] assert that people assigned female at birth, but identify as male, shouldn’t be allowed into women’s spaces”.

Despite condemning gender critical feminism without even a basic knowledge or understanding of its fundamental principles, the sign asked people to report ‘TERFs’ to the school authorities. It even supplied a handy little QR code with which students could snitch on their peers using their mobile phone.

After a barrage of criticism on social media, much of which pointed out that the sign is in breach of the law, ICMP was forced to remove it. Paul Kirkham, the chief executive, issued a statement. “Our intention, following discussions with our student community, had been to communicate the definition of Terf to help clarify what we considered to be growing misconceptions around what the term means. We got it wrong. The signage is clunky and we can see how it can be misinterpreted.”

The signage wasn’t ‘clunky’, it was breathtakingly misogynistic and of seriously sinister intent. And it certainly wasn’t ‘misinterpreted’; we all saw the incitement to inform on women who try to uphold their legal sex-based rights and spaces.

There is no ‘misinterpreting’ a witch-hunt.


Remember that in reality these people are as soft as puddin. We should always challenge them even when it seems intimidating to do so.

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