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I constantly deal with [women] sitting there saying I'll never be a fucking woman, and how if we cut off a dog's balls it's still a boy

Based. I love this analogy because it's true, did not realize my fellow terves are also out there pointing this out! It instantly demolishes the "Welllll ackshually sex is a spectrummmmm and I don't have testicles so I'm basically half a wamen guyzzz" argument.

Literally nobody gets their dog fixed and then starts referring to Fido as a "she" because "I mean it doesn't even have any balls who knows if it's a male or female dog this is a complete mystery"

I looked up mental illness and transgender the other day. Apparently, it's not a mental illness 👌, but transgenders have higher than average mental illness rates.

What a PC way to say they're crazy.

Someone needs to compile all their insanity in one place.

Oh wow, Reddit actually removed the post for violating the community policy.

Edit: this guy is a psycho.

This is another post of his

I wanna shoot myself in front of people

I have a constant fucking fear that I won't impact anyone one in a meaningful way, so I have this urge to blow my brains out in live television, or to shoot myself in such a way that the inner workings of my head splatter against their dome, and really make a lasting mark, only problem is, if I do it on TV, I risk being called a publicity stunt, or a fake by some YouTuber douchebag, and if I splatter my brains against someone, if they aren't traumatized or if they're too young it won't last and my death would mean nothing

Wtf. Once again TIMs are mentally unstable and should not be around women and children.

Exactly. Reading that post sent chills down my spine, like reading the rantings of a future mass murderer.

These are definitely the comments of a sane person who should be given cross sex hormones and plastic surgery.

This is male socialization and male socialized sexuality. He is not an outlier. He is typical. This is what they are. All of them. He just says it out loud.

The only people you’ll ever torture are people who love you, dude. Couldn’t be me.

(Or people who sit next to you on public transport, I suppose.)

Doesn't help the thoughts, and ofc it's gonna seem masculine, my body is still that of a teenage boy, so my intrusive thoughts are going to be aggressive

Your brain is also that of a teenage boy

the difficulty showering

This is what happens when these kids never experience any real problems, struggles or challenges.

Why would he have difficulty showering? Am I missing something?

Sympathetic answer: I've heard of dysphoric people saying they don't like to shower because they have to see their own body. I remember hearing a TIF say she would shower with the lights off because physically seeing her own body upset her too much

Unsympathetic: He's a lazy misogynistic incel, he doesn't like showering because it's too much "work" lol

Have noticed this is a recurring theme on Reddit, people don't shower regularly and have all the pity seeking excuses in the world for it.

lol! I'd rather have difficulty showering than having a constitutional death penalty for simply stopping believing in a religion. I wish showering everyday was my biggest struggle.

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