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Backstory (from what I could gather):

  • Satoryuga is a 15-year-old, South Korean girl who makes gifs from tokusatsu (Kamen Rider, Super Sentai, etc) shows and posts them online. She was reasonably popular on tumblr for her gifs.
  • By nature of being a young girl on the internet, she receives creepy messages and dick pics from degenerate men.
  • She is not a native English speaker, however she is being threatened almost exclusively in English. She mentions using a translation program in her response. (Thx Iota_Aurigae)
  • Satoryuga makes the wise decision to block creeps. One of the creeps she blocked was a TIM with a decent Twitter following.
  • TIM complains about her blocking him to his Twitter followers and they start harassing Satoryuga
  • She and her family are doxxed and her information was (allegedly) given to someone from a South Korean MRA group
  • Satoryuga was (allegedly) assaulted by a man from the MRA group and (allegedly) obtained a head injury which may result in permanent loss of vision in one eye
  • Stacaesar is another teenage girl from Hawaii. She defended Satoryuga on tumblr and also received a violent onslaught of online assault

tl;dr quote from lolcow: "satoryuga - a korean woman who is not even a confirmed radfem - blocked a tr00n male or a few tr00n males who were sexually harassing her, then the tr@nnies doxxed her and got her assaulted/beaten irl by korean moids while also writing out graphic detailed racist rape and killing fantasies about her all because she blocked/didn't want to be sexually harassed by tr00n mra incels?

Huge content warning on the following posts:

Satoryuga harassment

Stacaesar harassment

SC of Tumblr Ask about Satoryuga's assault

TIM's justification for harassing her

I will try to add more information as I find it. I just heard about this the other day. Apparently they have been going after this girl since June and tumblr refuses to do anything about the users harassing the girls

I heard about this a few months ago but all the posts were in Korean and I couldn’t read them. God I hope she’s alright.

These males are insane. He asked her to block him and she did. And that’s…unacceptable apparently? What the fuck. The pure vitriol and hatred that these degenerates spew towards a young woman is terrifying. They are making genuine threats of violence and rape all because she blocked a few men on the internet. These XYs are chronically online, insecure, pathetic little assholes. May they rot.

(Fyi the tumblr ask link seems to have been deleted. Also does anyone know how to make the Imgur links readable bc they are very blurry for me)

Weird. I can still see the Ask. I took a screencap of it. Hopefully the other ones are clear now

Thanks! But also holy fuck those screenshots are burned in my mind now. These people are fucking psychotic.

I can never get the memories of someone calling Stacaeser a “lava n-word” and talking about where she went to school out of my head.

This is sickening. These are blatant incels, attacking children. Racist, misogynistic wastes of space.

One of these rabid incels did tell the truth, though. "We hated you the entire time" should be the mantra of TIMs. They have always hated women and girls, and the second one steps out of line, they pile on the death and rape threats.

The real "secret" of trans"women" that they don't want you to know, is that they secretly long to have their asses stomped by a stronger and more dominant male. They hate themselves and they basically want to be punished. That's why they seek out feelings of power by picking on girls and women - either they get to dominate them and feel good about themselves, or they'll trigger a man protecting them and get the ass-kicking they crave.

Young men can become psychopaths from testosterone; they WANT to fight, they WANT and crave violence.

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This stuff makes my blood boil, and I can’t believe it’s been going on for 6 months? Also just why are there so many of them?? TRAs are downright vile, everything that radfems have been calling them have been true while TRAs will do anything to get their way no matter how despicable. They’ll have to spread lies about radfems being “fascist nAZis” to get people hating them, or threaten and cause serious physical impairment to a child just because said child didn’t “bow down” to their pathetic delusional God Complex. Seriously wish we could do something about this, anything at all that can help this poor girl. I even saw a comment by one “transmasc” girl piling on with the incel pedo loving MRA brigade. I seriously hate these pickmes who will do anything to tear a beaten girl down for a piece of narcissistic male crumb.

*edit I just saw the comment where Satoryuga says she is 22, while I am a little bit more relieved that a child wasn’t attacked, I just want to state that in the comments from MRA/TRAs, every single one of them thought she was a minor and kept describing in detail pedo rape fantasies about her and as well as Stacaesar.

This is all straight up racism veiled as TRA nonsense. If I was receiving a ton of messages in a language I didn’t understand and wanted it to stop, I’d start blocking everyone too. Especially if those people were also sending harassing photos. Someone on the twitter thread mentions how these trans just assumed she’s a feminist because she’s female and Korean… talk about knowing jack shit about Korea… aren’t half of them obsessed with K-pop?

That fact that the simple act of just blocking makes these scrotes think they have any right to harass, doxx, inflict harm…? The basic line of defense for existing online is the ability to block someone. Now you can’t even do that without being hailed a witch?

It appears that Satoryuga is 22, and has been mixed up with another user, just fyi: https://www.tumblr.com/satoryuga/681638342390054913/

It’s still terrible what they’re doing to her, but I don’t want to be as reactionary as they are by posting false information.

And yet we still see occasional “I don’t hate transwomen!” disclaimers even here, which makes me ask, why not?

She sounds like a lovely young woman and it breaks my heart that she felt the need to apologize for the obscene amount of unwarranted harassment she's received. This is not acceptable and it's a tragedy that this poor girl had to deal with this nightmare because of some deranged and entitled TIM. TIMs truly are the lowest fucking creatures.

Good god, this reminds me of a recent bus trip. A bunch of preteen girls were being loud, swearing, generally being unpleasant and awful. A linebacker in a wig got off the bus, stepped back on, basically screamed at these girls if they wanted to take it off the bus. None of this had been directed at him. And even if their conduct was obnoxious, he was willing to what, fight and physically harm a bunch of children? Luckily he stepped back off the bus and the girls left several stops away.

Interesting. Statistically 99% of these creatures are sweaty, unwashed chronic masturbators who only make friends thanks to the anonymity of the internet (and anime pfps) because no one irl can stand the weight of what it means to have to tolerate them.