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Well, he certainly wouldn’t be the first man in history to proclaim that women aren’t human, or that it’s okay for men to rape, beat, and murder us for the sin of not knowing our place. How does it feel to be so woke your morality is on par with the dark ages?

Science doesn’t agree with them yet they still use basic biology to prove we’re not valid.

telling on themselves with this one.

Does anyone else remember when the Very Smart People kept reminding us that only fascists would use dehumanizing terms like "cockroach" to discredit political opponents?

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Do these idiots not realise that even the most vapid, devoted handmaiden doesn’t actually believe her anatomy is identical to a man. She knows these men don’t have periods and can’t get pregnant. She knows they are men but feels sorry for them.

All women are “terfs” by their “logic”

I have to admit that I got a giggle out of this line:

It’s hard to have a logical conservation with them when ... they don’t know what they’re talking about.


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One of the comments mentions Matt Walsh as a TERF. The term is meaningless when a man, who is explicitly not a Radical Feminist even if you think males can be more than allies, can be called a "TERF".

Couldn't actually read the whole post.

That just proves that terf is a slur. They're not using it on actual Trans Excluding Radical Feminists, they're using it to label, insult, and stigmatize anyone who questions their rhetoric.

"We're not predators, creeps, and losers." Also, "TERFs aren't human and should be exterminated." Sounds pretty predatory to me. Original link: https://old.reddit.com/r/MtF/comments/10ka2ye/terfs_are_some_of_the_most_insufferable_people/

Someone ought to be keeping a list of the ones who make those kinds of threats.

For people who bang on incessantly about genocide, they sure are, well, genocidal.

This is literally, using the strict definition of literally, language that was used in the Rwandan genocide.

The RTLM went further than amplifying ethnic and political division; it also labeled the Tutsi as inyenzi, meaning non-human pests or cockroaches, which must be exterminated. Leading up to the genocide, there were 294 instances of the RTLM accusing the Rwandan Patriotic Army of atrocities against the Hutu, along with 252 broadcasts that call for Hutus to kill the Tutsis. One such broadcast stated, "Someone must ... make them disappear for good ... to wipe them from human memory ... to exterminate the Tutsi from the surface of the earth." By the time the violence began, the young Hutu population had absorbed months of racist propaganda that characterized all Tutsis as dangerous enemies that must be killed before they seized control of the country. The RTLM's role in the genocide earned it the nickname "Radio Machete" as it related to their incitement to genocide


Update: Reddit Power Mod DrewiePoodle telling him to calm it down, then giving him a wink: https://archive.ph/BpdF1

For those that don't know about DrewiePoodle: https://n8thegr9.medium.com/drewiepoodle-the-trans-reddit-moderator-and-suspected-child-groomer-enabled-by-reddit-and-its-f47afb74ab14

those TERFs have nothing better to do than to read everything on this sub and like using comments like that to fan the flames.

those TERFs have nothing better to do than to read everything on this sub

It's called "listening to trans voices" - like you tell us to when you're demanding we pay no heed to JKR.

those TERFs ... like using comments like that to fan the flames.

It's called 'peaking'.

Seriously! It's called intelligence. When you're interested in a topic, you read up on it. I'm very concerned about the current state of the TRA movement infringing on the rights and safety of women. I want to know both sides of the story and what is being said. From what I can tell, I'm seeing a lot more aggressive and violent comments and posts from TRAs as opposed to the women they like to label as terfs.

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