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Shout out to fellow autistic terfs who were being lead down the trans path but managed to escape before it grabbed hold. It's honestly so sick how neurotypical people are leading young autistic girls down this horrible path all in the name of wokeness. It's hard enough to being neurodivergent in this society, we don't need to add the confusion of transgenderism into the mix.

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Ooof, according to recent study (2020), "People who do not identify with the sex they were assigned at birth are three to six times as likely to be autistic as cisgender people are". In the study, they found 1/4 were autistic, so I wonder what's the anti-terfists take on 1/4th of their people.

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What this study doesn't seem to mention (as it would blow apart their entire conclusion) is that autistic people by design tend to be gender non-conforming, NOT gender diverse, as they don't have an innate sense of social norms and behaviours, some of which are intrinsic to gender presentation and expectations. For example, autistic women may be more likely to wear masculine clothing due to the restrictiveness and discomfort that women's clothing and footwear can bring. I'm personally not as aware of gender non-conforming behaviour in male autistic people, but unpleasant clothing may also be a factor in their non-conformity.

Edit: I'll add onto this that I thought I was trans for a very short period of time due to the fact that I often wore masculine clothing for comfort reasons, I would be to the point and assertive (a supposedly masculine trait), and because I didn't understand why I didn't behave like other girls in my class (I'm also a lesbian, which only added to the confusion). I'm thankful I grew up in a time where trans wasn't everywhere and I grew out of these feelings when I was given a diagnosis and did my own research at a medical university to better understand myself and my condition.

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Yeah, I come from a similar position. Haven't been diagnosed, but found the experiences of specifically women diagnosed with Asperger's eerily familiar (I understand that diagnosis no longer exists). If trans movement had been where it's now back when I was 14-16, I'd 100% would have identified as trans or at least non binary. I see my childhood self often when it comes to teenage TIF's, which is why I really wonder if the person in the original post has the same disgust towards TIF's.

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I'm sorry to hear you felt that way, but thankfully you didn't go through with anything permanent as many young girls and women unfortunately have. It's very likely that that person has disgust towards women in general, but reserves special hatred for those who don't fit within their narrow view of how women should be (radical feminists, women who don't agree with them, autistic women).

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They hate us so much because they know our existence is a direct threat to their ideology. They bank on ASD/aspies falling prey to this bullshit. We’re examples of this not working and they worry we’ll inspire other young girls not to follow down this path.

ASD men also tend to hate ASD women to an insane degree. They think we have it “easier” because of our sex (lmao)/must be faking our diagnoses, and simultaneously resent that 1) people advise them to date us instead of the cheerleader types they really want, and 2) when they do cave and decide to try and date us, we often see right through it and reject them. Also, many of us are lesbians, which makes them extra mad.

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Yooo autistic men’s gatekeeping is part of the reason I don’t seek out support groups because those assholes get inside my head and make me doubt my own (official, not self-declared) diagnosis that I had to wait until I was 17 to get. It really really gets to me. Fuck those jerks

One aspect of my experience with autism that I'm thankful for is the heightened ability to see through the veneer of bullshit social constructs and expectations like gender. Autistic Terve solidarity <3

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I think that comes a bit with maturity and knowledge. Adolescents in general are more eager to adapt and fit in, while as you get older you care less about it, and autistics are no different. As a 14 year old I tried hard to understand the social rules, memorize them, repeat them, follow them. All in order to fit in. It was only after I dropped out of high school that I started becoming more fact oriented and more able to see through the BS. I think there's a good chance that if I were born 10, 15 years later I could have been trapped into the cult, and as an adult it sort of baffles me how little people are paying attention to the facts and patterns.

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“Autist” makes it sound like a movement or philosophy we subscribe to. I agree with the aims of autism, therefore I am an autist.

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Just like thinking homosexuality is a choice, autism is apparently a choice too for these clowns.