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Why is it always “denying existence” with them.

You exist, I just don’t believe your religion and refuse to pretend that I do.

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Right? They aren't ghosts. They are a very real threat to women, we are well fucking aware they exist.

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Great point! As far as I know there's no group of people called, say, 'Jobbels'. So it could accurately be said that I don't believe in the existence of Jobbels. So where's the effort to keep Jobbels out of our bathrooms and prisons? It's just incoherent

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Why is it always “denying existence” with them.

They're trying to gaslight neutrals into thinking TERF's want to somehow eliminate or kill trans people

Because they have to lie every step of the way to gain more supporters of their misogynistic cause. They’re the most raped, most hated, most marginalized, most underrepresented, most unheard, most vilified, most murdered, most common victim of hate crimes, blah blah blah.

One woman was murdered by a man in the time it took me to write this post, but let’s focus on the trans people and their suffering and marginalization.

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sigh We don't deny their existence, we just don't think their (unevidenced) metaphysical beliefs about gender identity should, without any debate, become the basis for law and society.

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Why does it sound like it was written by a teenager? Straight-up Tumblr vibes with this childish insistence to use TERF as often as possible in one sentence.

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Memes are definitely how to prove that you’re a serious organization and not a petty shell run by children.

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But fElon Musk is so cool and quirky with his epic memes! So relatable! /s

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They don't consider actual women to be people worthy of protection. Homophobia and racism (for example) are bad because men suffer from them, but misogyny isn't real because only women suffer from it -- but "transmisogyny" is bad because men claim to suffer from it (when it's actually just rebranded homophobia).

I don’t feel like women have really gained much even with all the rights movements, we’re still just sexual objects with shrill voices

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It really is sad when you realize how common this is. I see it all the time "No racism, homophobia, or transphobia". People straight up forget sexism is a problem.

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I don't think they so much forget as have gotten so used to accepting it that it's normal to them.

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But noting biological sex is not the same as refusing to acknowledge existence??? What???

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"Denying the existence of is discrimination"

Child covering face: I can't see you, you're not real!!!!


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They are guilty by their own definition of hate: https://archive.ph/ZRLRK

They use a slippery definition of women on their website too.

I guess they are the final authority on what a woman, any other opinion is hate?

How much funding does this organization receive from the federal government in Canada? I guess this means the government of Canada approves the word TERF too?

“ The Canadian Anti-Hate Network is also getting $268,400 to hire four people to help monitor extreme-right groups and report on their activities.”


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Maybe these pricks self identify as being anti-hate. “Begone TERF”. Just another version of “shut up Karen”. Why is it always women being silenced?

Because we are physically weaker, and they resent us for being able to create life. Misogyny is the seed from which the patriarchy grew. My spouse and I were discussing how he can physically overpower me with just one hand and there is nothing I can do about it, they know they are physically (and culturally) powerful compared to us, and they abuse that power imbalance. Just like this anti-hate network has.