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That dude previously posted a "pregnancy" pic of him posing like he was carrying a baby. Radfems rightfully called that out for being cringe and gross, as he used a surrogate woman.

I don't agree with the Twitter user saying it's misogynistic because there's no Mum though, RF are annoyed at the exploitation of using a woman as a surrogate.

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Saw that post and I am just so angry at the leftists claiming surrogacy as a choice while complaining about capitalism on their accounts. They were mocking a woman saying surrogacy is misogynistic.

One said that at best surrogacy is classism that affects females, but why can’t you mention of its classist AND patriarchal origins? Have the left just completely ERASED women’s history and women’s role in capitalism from their minds?

Pregnancy is natural and will only affect women but in a patriarchal world where men have extracted resources from our abilities, it is important to call misogyny as it is.

I don’t even know what’s terf-y about that either.

Yes. They live in a utopia where sexism has been solved and is so over. It's no longer edgy or woke enough to care about women's issues. I don't actually think they care about abortion rights either. If you bring it up that just sputter shit like, "Not all women get pregnant!!!" Or "Men have babies too!"

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Yeeep. This is the impression I get from most interactions as well. Y'know, since apparently sex isn't even real anymore (????) so all the sexism issues that are still very much a thing are no longer important. BECAUSE TRANS WOMEN ARE MORE OPPRESSED OK???????