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Is the dude who took the exams implying that 124 biology exams are saying you can change your sex and that there is such a thing as a female brain in a male body? If he took actual biology exams, he too would be a TERF or TERF ally. Sounds like he went to Woke U.

Yeah, threaten to shoot women at the end. Nice touch.

It's a TIF.

A woman calling other women TERFs -- uggh. A woman in denial of biology. That makes me even sadder.

Seriously, what series of biology exams would ENDORSE this insanity? BigPharma probably write the books now.

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Wow, you needed 124 exams to know men are male and women are female? I knew that before I even began kindergarten. Poor, stupid person

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Anyone who wants to TRA-splain biology to me is welcome to ask 124+ farmers, how many sexes there are and whether it's possible to change sex.

I also wonder if this person took 124+ medical exams from 1930s Germany, would they believe in "race science", too?

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Why are pronouns-in-bio always like this? I can't imagine being and behaving so violently towards a marginalised group.

If they were like this towards literally anyone else they would be cancelled point blank. Only abusing and threatening women affords them this kind of kudos.

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Note to self: avoid doctors with the name Torben Hamilton

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Who's gonna bet Hamilton is her last name because of the musical?

Note how he never stated exactly which type of exams he had to take. He just mentions biology earlier and that gives off the impression that he’s talking biology exams. Could just be psychology or a doctorate in gender studies. Because it for sure as hell isn’t biology.