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I wonder if OP is calling out every. mention of "bitch" "c*nt" "Karen" etc. on reddit? Is she going after all the men who freely use slurs for trans people? I am guessing she only wants to go after women who are trying to protect women.

Some highlights from the comments:

Terfs get encouraged when they sabotage positive policy changes

Omg, every day I change a TRA policy, such joy. How are there any left?!

TERF and pick me politics

"Pick me"? Are you kidding me? What would this even mean at all, especially for "terfs". Who in the world would we be trying to be picked by.

Easy, deal with them the same as a Karen.

Ah, nice misogyny. How this term is allowed in a (edit, a sub where they claim they are women) is beyond me.

Is it against sub rules to say brass knuckles

Yep, violence against women allowed to stand in a (edit, a sub where they claim they are women).

Edit: and get ready for this new "terf lore" to become wide spread...

Beth Elliot src: https://www.transadvocate.com/that-time-terfs-beat-radfems-for-protecting-a-trans-woman-from-assault_n_14382.htm

UN src: https://www.ohchr.org/Documents/Issues/SexualOrientation/IESOGI/Reports_on_Gender_Final_Summary.pdf

EDIT 2 More violence against women being allowed to stand in the comments. If you can, please "reddit" (not sub) report for violence.

A baseball bat and a shovel should do the trick. Actually no, just the shovel should be sufficient


Overwhelming violence

Haha I actually used to call out the use of Karen every time I saw it on Reddit, and every single time I got downvoted to oblivion. It was pathetic, that place is a cesspit.

I call out b*tch and c#nt IRL, but you'd never do anything else if you tried to do that on Reddit. It actually took a lot of time to push back against Karen.

I’ve seen two redditors have a casual chat about lowering the age of consent, in a normal sub

It is interesting because I think all of the "Karen" pushback worked. Now usually an anti-karenmeme comment is the first reply on a large comment chain using it.

C*nt was my next goal before I was nuked from reddit.

I push back against it constantly, but I can't use "misogyny" as the reason. Instead I talk about how dysphoric and dehumanized women named Karen must feel. Reddit goes apeshit for protecting individualism, so that's the angle you have to work.

Well that's good to hear. I pretty much stopped using it completely when Ovarit launched.

Lol that link with he interview is so obviously made up it's ridiculous. The concept of "transgender" was not even invented in 1973. Back then they spoke of transsexuals.

And oh no, women sought to physically remove some man from a feminist conference boohoo. If Tyler really speaks like that of feminists, shame on her. A major lesbian activist now trying to disparage feminists who fight in part against the rape of young lesbians. Good job dear.

Reminds me of one of my favorite memes, let's get 10 terfs into a house on an island and tell them one of them is secretly a trans woman. Ensue massive amounts of misdirected transphobia and hilarity

It wouldn't take long for 10 women to raise all ten of them are, in fact, women. Literally just a glance and we know. You don't pass. Die male about it.

[–] OneStarWolf 19 points Edited

Reminds me of another meme. Put 9 trans woman and 1 man on an island and come back in 100 years, what do you find? 10 male skeletons and nothing else.

I also thought this ... This meme was written for men by men. If this even were an issue we just need to get naked.

We'll smell the rotting surgical wound if there's one.

I feel like nudity wouldn't even be required. Even boys chemically castrated at 11 0r 12 still end up looking unmistakably male (like Kim Petras). At most the only way to hide it would be if it was a young man who had been puberty-blocked/castrated that young and then got very overweight, having fat hide his skeletal structure (like Jazz). Even then, they still don't really pass. And of course, you know who ever wrote that was picturing just throwing in your average TIM, who is a whole-ass man likely never castrated, let alone at a young enough age for it to make a difference. So of course we'd be able to tell immediately by sight and sound (and if he had a crotch wound, then yeah, like you said, by smell, yuck).

His idea was only women, no TIMs, with the expectation that since there wasn't an immediately obvious TIM we'd tear each other apart. Which realistically, no, we're not actually violent or prone to aggression so the worst thing i can imagine happening is we all opt to use the bathroom, change, sleep, etc separately. And then after a while when we realized we were all sane and respecting each other's privacy and no one was freaking out about validation or trying to do weird, boundary violating shit we'd realize we were all actually women, there is no secret magical TIM who looks completely female, and we'd get along and continue to respect each other's privacy.

I mean, it's literally in the wrong spot. The faux vagina is at the front of their body where their dick used to be.

Funny enough I thought about this when I watched "The Disaster Artist". "Aren't you a little high ?" 😂

[–] BJ581 [OP] 13 points Edited

Yeah, not a high opinion of women's intelligence, I’m so shocked. I’d be happy to sign up for this show though and meet some of y’all in person haha

ETA: Also the trans male would be the one screaming “I am a real woman!” I saw clips of this show already.

Omg I would so watch it; but the show would be about five minutes per episode, and there'd be only one episode. :(

Yeah! It would be trully a short reality show.

Oof, you're reminding me of that time they did a reality dating show with a Tim among the women that men (or a single man, I forget) was aiming to date, and the men were suspicious, and some knew, but the one actually going on dates with him seemed kinda surprised. He didn't pass but men are blind as hell to sex (which is partly why Tims are so quick to delusional think they pass, I guess).

Are you referencing There’s something about Miriam? Lol that show. The majority of the men had already figured it out before the reveal and were joking about Miriam being male, making for a very awkward finale. Miriam was a TiM model, pretty and considered very “passing” but most of the men figured something was off. After the show a few of them ended up suing the producers for fraud (and winning!).

stop calling yourself CIS and just call yourself a woman. :)

Fuckin this I'm literally being made homeless by my family rn bc of this shit and my blood is absolutely boiling TERF and pick me politics are so fuckin counter to actual women's liberation it's sickening to me like physically. These women literally want to steal and ruin another goddesses shine and I can not tolerate it I'm not a token I'm a whole ass woman.

"want to steal and ruin another goddesses shrine" OMFG 🤣🤣 bro. Your testosterone seems a little high today dude. Tone that male rage down a little, Ms "Goddess."

just checked his comment history. He's a 34-year old self described virgin so in truth an incel.

Oh! So another random looser, getting "homeless" by his elderly parents, refusing to shelter him in their basement, while he is watching sisi hypno p*rn all day long, any more. Who's fault may it be? Oh! Definitely of some random feminist, who said, "no, Bob, you are not going with me to the same locker room.

His 'homeless by his family' is probably his elderly parents asking him to get a job and find an apartment as they'd really like to finally retire to a condo in Florida. I'm taking bets he's over 30.

Lollll look at the comment below yours 😂 he's literally a 34-y-o incel 😂

Fuckin this I'm literally being made homeless by my family rn bc of this...

I'm confused! He is being made homeless bc of what? Of some random woman on internet refusing to call him ma'am? Certainly not!

I'm confused! He is being made homeless bc of what?

Jerking off while wearing his mother's / sister's clothes no doubt.

Call them sir. Get it on video. Profit.

Lol, they think "misgendering" has an effect on people outside of their gender cult. Delusional.

I have a very low voice for a woman, so sometimes on the phone, I get called sir or, more hilariously, people confuse me for a teenage boy. Do you know how many tantrums I've thrown and how many times I tried to kill myself over it?

Zero. Because I'm not insane.

Imagine how stupid they'd look lmao. I would love a TRA to refer to me as he. I'm probably the least masculine looking woman there is and it would really drive how unhinged they are home.

Better idea! Choose a random dude, call him madam, film his reaction, post it online, make an idiot out of yourself in front of the world. TRAs have no idea, "misgendering" normies would only get them confused looks and bewildered amusement. "Like.... madam?? Are you O.K., bro???"

Oops, they’re revealing the quiet part out loud again. TERF is actually just a replacement slur for women only.

I'd love for more people to assume I'm a man. Better pay for one.

Does she know she owes her legal rights, the women shelters and the sex seperated rooms to the foremothers of terfs?

Its the hen defending the fox in the hen house. Of course until she comes across a TIM who hurts her (like males do) and then suddenly she needs the sisterhood...

[–] BJ581 [OP] 17 points Edited

Honestly, she probably doesn’t. There is a comment in there explaining how “transwomen” have been the real feminists all along 🙄


“Fantastic advice from everyone already that I won’t repeat, but I really like to point out that trans people have been involved in feminism for decades.”

Beth Elliott was a trans woman who helped organise, fundraise and was due to perform for the west coast lesbian conference in 1973, some of what today we’d call TERFs turned up and picketed the event, the event then held a vote about whether the attendees thought she was allowed to be there, where it went in her favour. While Beth was on stage the TERFs stormed onto it in an attempt to attack her, cis women followed to protect Beth and got badly assaulted by the TERFs. That was nearly 50 years ago. Trans people have been always been involved in feminism and allies have always been there. TERFs have always also existed, but their arguments are never new and it’s still the same recycled crap they were using back then.

I also like to drop this quote from the United Nations:

“The work to address, and ultimately eradicate, violence and discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity is not in opposition to the human rights of women; to the contrary, these areas of concern largely overlap and conceptually, socioeconomically, politically and legally reinforce each other.”

Thank you for standing up for us! :)

Beth Elliot src: https://www.transadvocate.com/that-time-terfs-beat-radfems-for-protecting-a-trans-woman-from-assault_n_14382.htm

UN src: https://www.ohchr.org/Documents/Issues/SexualOrientation/IESOGI/Reports_on_Gender_Final_Summary.pdf

Honestly that document is so rich in detail and is worth reading in full.

ETA: A lot of terfs will say “listen to the science” or other such statements knowing nobody will actually look at it, but it sounds confident. But they don’t actually have any.

Damn, TERFs really be out here downvoting comments. Be angry, bigot.

Wow, a man centered himself in a lesbian organization. We should be soooo grateful! He was going to play guitar, guiezzz.

"Beth Elliot" was originally a boy who stalked well known lesbian feminist Bev Jo when they were both in high school. He showed no signs of "feeling like a woman." She rejected him and after they graduated from high school he followed her into the lesbian community, adopting the name of "Beth Elliot." Bev Jo has never been able to get away from him.

This is why it shouldn't be possible for men to follow women into the lesbian community, or any women-only community. This is why men should never be allowed to be 'considered' women. There should be at least one place women can get away from degenerate male stalkers, and this is in a woman-only community/space. Let men pretend to be women and even that tiny sliver of protection is lost. God, I hate them so much. They have no concept of female humanity or boundaries. Everything is a game to them, for their benefit and no one else matters (certainly not women).

[–] nopenottoday 22 points Edited

Even if all that's true (about the activism. Don't believe that stupid story about the "TERF attack") is Beth Elliot the only activist who's ever existed? By the way she talks about him you would think he was single-handedly fighting for women's rights while the real women sat on the sofa eating bonbons. Women need to stop worshiping men. It's pathetic.

And it's hilarious to say we don't have any science. That's just rich. Says the people who think everything is estrogen and testosterone and if you take enough of either you'll be indistinguishable from the opposite sex.

There have been allies for every movement. There were men who supported women's suffrage, there were white people who supported the end of segregation and slavery. The difference is that for people who are not women, we recognize the group rather than individual allies to the group. Weird. Wonder why.

"Personally I find it hard to think about as a trans woman, because there's always that irrational fear in the back of your mind of "what if they're right?""

Irrational fear ? Dude, that's just the sense of reality you're trying to push back down. You're not a woman. Never was, never will be.

And really, some woman wanted to attend a radfem meeting and was horrified that the topic wasn't "violence in lesbian couples" ?

Like, some woman was horrified that a meeting that sought to discuss male on female violence was not getting derailed to "yeah but women rape too" ?

Also lol at the woman who's accusing feminists of being mean girls. Someone's been watching Peterson. I really think it's sad how people are being platformed to completely derail feminist conversations and encourage women to blame us instead of focusing on the topics of male violence.

Anyways I call bullshit on the fact that OP even is a woman. Probably some TIM's "stealth" account at best, seeking to show women that plenty of us are actually against ourselves.

Also, I like that every comment is basically "prevent them from speaking", "insult them", "bully them" or even "find people to dogpile until they shut up".

Spoken like true civil rights activists.

"Personally I find it hard to think about as a trans woman, because there's always that irrational fear in the back of your mind of "what if they're right?""

That’s some fragility for something that’s such an inherent inner truth.

My thoughts as well. Seems if your identity is so solid you shouldn't be having second thoughts like this.

It's always tiring how terms used to critique patriarchy and femininity and such get reappropriated and turned back against us. Suddenly TERFs are "pick-mes" because we're after the approval of... I don't know, Republican men? The alt right? The group most critical of men are just a bunch of pick-mes, sure.

We also have women that critique makeup getting called "not like other girls". A phrase used to address actual internalized misogyny now means any women that comments on some part of femininity.

[–] Tesserae_Tali 8 points Edited

Dear OP, if you're reading this:

The best thing you can do to fight back against TERFs is make friends with lots and lots of trans people—preferably transbians and transgays, as they are doubly oppressed. Support them, validate them, center them, and don't ever talk over them. Listen attentively to what they have to say.

Pretty soon, you will be a TERF too.

Got to add that OP is apparently a young autistic woman with OCBs who identifies as cis but uses neopronouns "pons/ponself", identifies as a lesbian but is dating a TIM. She seems very committed to fight for her boyfriend and insult women despite seemingly thinking that we don't believe womanhood is linked to one's body but rather to whether or not we fit made up gender roles.


It's almost as if they listen to our rational arguments, and then mirror them in support of their own ideology, but without any supporting evidence.

E.g. "A lot of terfs will say “listen to the science” or other such statements knowing nobody will actually look at it, but it sounds confident. But they don’t actually have any."

Which is funny, because the side that doesn't have science to support it is theirs.

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