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This person is actually female :/ they say they are a transsexual man and “TME” which means transmisogyny exempt. Idk why they put that in their bio but they also put their bloody enneagram so 🤷‍♀️

And the little picture of a Japanese cartoon girl. There's something extremely odd combining that with rape suggestions. Not the most common female way of acting.

The little anime girl things have become such a red flag for me. If someone says they like anime I am out!

AGP heterosexual man #4067394953508 enraged that no lesbian will ever want him. Lol.

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Are we not already?

said back in the 1800s... "that no amount of bliss or exaltation in the next world could repay women for the misery and degra dation they endure in this."

🙄🙄🙄 it must be so difficult for these autogynophilic men to be so desperate to get their dicks wet while having to deal with the reality that NO LESBIAN WILL EVER FUCK THEM!!

But there is just something so uwu womanly about making rape threats to women while LARPing as one.

As infuriating as these types of tweets are it brings me joy to know that these men will never be women or have “lesbian sex.” They can die male about it.