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Thank you sir but no. Get real.

TW do not have “the exact same bodies” as women and never will.

Um, if they had the exact same body, they would be, well, women.

Yeah what is the "trans" supposed to mean?

That a male body can be surgically mutilated to the point of becoming a female body, which is false. Doctors are neither gods nor forces of nature.

Yeah, even if the genital surgeries were able to successfully imitate the real thing, I'm still not attracted to these dudes. They make it seem like everyone is fooled until we learn what's in their pants, lol. None of them look, sound, or smell remotely like women in person, and more importantly, none of them act like women! I've never had a woman react to me politely turning down a date by threatening to rape or murder me. A friend of mine was stalked by a TIM who would wait on the sidewalk outside her apartment. This entitlement to sexual access is not female behavior.