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Just "TERFs", though, not the men who actually assault and murder TIMs.


Because murderous men only kill a few trans people.

Terfs kill a bunch of boners

I always bring this up. They care way more about JK Rowling hurting their feefees than about actual rape and murder by men. I don't know the name of any of the men who have murdered trans, but I do know many the names of many terfs, even before I became one

Wait, Die Linke did this? Does anyone have a source for that? I tried googling but nothing came up. Would be EXTREMELY important for my political activist group if we could track this down to a reliable source.

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Probably some west German ortsverein in little town no one has ever heard of. . I call bs - I know a lot of people who vote Linkspartei and at least 2/3 of them would not understand "terf", "trans cock" or why a weirdly colored chicken is on there.

I'm so glad i never voted for them but that seems surprising even for the loons from die Linke

Nice that they put there logo in the right place

Exactly where the chicken shit would fall

Wow, wtf, it's not just random sticker, it's by a political party. That's a political party's slogan. Wtf.

German feminists are lost until Alice Schweizer makes her own party

This was posted in Germany? Does the pun even translate?

Anyway, our whole damn point is that you have a cock (not buying the "huge" part, but whatever). Lesbians don't want to have sex with it. Women in locker rooms and saunas don't want to see it paraded in front of them. Female police officers don't want to pat it down. Women in prisons or DV shelters, who would be effectively trapped in the same room as you and your "huge trans cock," don't want to live in fear that you will try to stick it in them without their consent. (As I'm sure you are aware, this is a thing that people with cocks do to people with pussies with some regularity). The fact that you see your genitals as a tool to degrade and punish women who disagree with you only proves the point of all the mean, evil TERFs who don’t want you in women’s spaces.

Why do they think that doing shit like this makes them look like "the good guy" here in anyway? Are they really that stupid?

Well….they did put their logo where the chicken poop would fall….sot they don’t even look like the smart guy