Lol at the bottom there is a box to report problems with the page and I am HIGHLY tempted to tell them there is a problem, and it is their inaccurate reporting and that this is not, and never will be, a woman.

I just did lol. It asked what I was trying to do and I said “read a factual article,” and under “what went wrong” I put “that’s a man, not a woman”

I decided to do this too!

What were you trying to do? "read an accurate report"

What went wrong? "that criminal is a male. Transwomen are male, always have been, always will be"

and Sussex police is threatening to arrest people for hate crimes for calling him a man on Twitter 🙃

All the more reason for people to start speaking out.

What are they gonna do, arrest us all (even us overseas folk) for calling a man a man? Lmao, I would love to see THAT make the international news.

So many articles seem to just call TIMs "women" when writing about the horrible crimes they commit. Not even "transwoman". Just woman. Interesting, as usually they always call them transwomen. Its almost as if they want to cover up the fact that violent crimes and sexual assaults are almost exclusively comitted by men. They seem to want to make it look like women also do it often. Also to cover up that "transwomen" are just as violent and deranged as regular men and therefore not safe to be put into womens spaces. And the women who complain about the misinformation in the replies just get threatened with hate speech laws and told they could be arrested for correctly sexing a violent pedophile.