When judges rule with exceptional lenience like this, I always assume they are pedophiles, as well.

This does make me think about watching a recording of Jeopardy "champ" "Amy Schneider" recently, in which he attested on behalf of the ACLU that puberty blockers and surgeries on minors was necessary healthcare and that otherwise "alarm bells" would go off inside his body and he might be suicidal.

I'm wondering how many TiMs talk of suicidality for precisely this reason: that they need to suppress their testosterone, otherwise their libido will drive them to rape a child.

[Justice Michael Corboy] said that her transition appeared to be having a positive impact and was “in the community’s interests”.

How is letting a serial pedophile access women's locker rooms, bathrooms, and changing rooms "in the community's interests"?

Wait, I know this one...because women aren't really people, therefore their interests don't count.

There is no such thing as “transition to woman”. There is social and sometimes legal fiction, and there may or may not be drugs and cosmetic surgery. What’s the difference between a gnc man/cross dresser and a “transwoman”? Are cross dressers “transwomen”? Can there be both things in society at the same time? If so, what is the difference between them? Does it boil down to an assertion that a man declares he’s a woman? Why should society be compelled to accept an untruth as fact?

And then when he reoffends they'll talk about how they can't believe "she" would do such a thing.