My gender is Bonobo, so now I can live with Bonobos and shoot poachers and no one will know it is actually a middle -aged fat lady who is doing it. Plus, I like fruit and being naked. But I don't want to have sex with Bonobos, or sleep outside, or stop speaking, reading and singing (you know, the way trans women don't actually want to do all of the unpaid work that women do, or get talked over, or hang around with real women who don't fuss over them and that they don't want to have sex with.)

My ideal body would be that of an Olympic gold medalist in the marathon with the brain of a Fields medalist. So, that means that I literally am those, right?

On the inside, yup. And everyone should treat you accordingly by giving you gold medals.

By this logic, we should encourage anorexics to continue to starve themselves to death so they can achieve their "ideal body".

and doctors should be chopping off the limbs of anybody with body integrity identity disorder, because that's their ideal body!

a gender identity is something you become infected with after thinking too much about how male/female you think you are.

[–] legopants 16 points Edited

They just admitted woman are female and men are male. OP is a TERF block and stay safe

[–] spaghettiforhair LiTeRaLlYvIoLeNt 12 points

My ideal body is one that isn't hyper-sexualized by men, hyper-regulated/restricted by men, and doesn't put me at a higher risk for sexual and other types of violence. My ideal body doesn't come with femininity that's mandatory for me to perform. My ideal body is one that I don't have to shave, wax, or chemically burn. My ideal body is just accepted for what it is and not constantly nit-picked and compared to an impossible standard. My ideal face is one that I don't have to smother in makeup just to go outside.

What does all of that make me? Because while the TRAs would say that my feelings about my ideal body make me not a woman, what I'm describing is how the world treats bodies that are explicitly female.

That sounds like agender. It's a basic human right for you to have your brain extracted and put in a jar.

[–] spaghettiforhair LiTeRaLlYvIoLeNt 6 points

You mean I can finally fulfill my Cartesian skeptical dream of being a brain in a vat?

They would say you're nonbinary and encourage you to explore your gender 🤦‍♀️

[–] spaghettiforhair LiTeRaLlYvIoLeNt 5 points

You mean make myself a medical experiment for the rest of my life? I don't really see how that's any less of a scam than conforming to patriarchy. I think I'll take being a radfem over both options.

What do they mean, a male body? What does that look like?

Yeah all this bullshit about girl dick yet they constantly betray their own ideology by implying a male body is something we all immediately picture in our heads, and we sure as hell aint picturing Buck Angel

I love this collaborative fiction thing the internet is seamlessly facilitating I Really Do

[–] BlackCirce enby jinping 7 points

idealism is nonsense. gender is the insanity of the masses. who has time? i only have the body i was born into. wasting time and money to “fix it” based on mass delusion, insecurities, neuroses and fashionable foolishness is a waste of time. accept your body, take care of it, and find something else to do with your one precious, irreplaceable life.

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