I can't stand when TiMs claim they were "socialized female". Even if you were transed as a toddler, no, you fucking weren't socialized like women and girls are

[โ€“] SakuraBlossoms transheight 7'3" 33 points

It's more than obvious from this post alone that he was socialized as a male. He doesn't understand the female fear of predatory men because he is a predatory man.

He said he was socialized as female after early childhood, then says he didn't come out until his 20s. Which one is it, sir?

Maybe people realized that he was autistic and he wasn't socialized the same as other boys? Definitely not the same as being socialized as a girl though.

Yep. Autistic people do experience different socialisation but autistic girls experience massively different socialisation from autistic boys.

You're not one of us and you're not welcome. Make your own spaces ๐Ÿ‘‹

[โ€“] bellatrixbells BoobatrixRex 30 points

"But making my own spaces makes me feel excluded because what I want is to be in the space you created for yourselves!!

I am female, and nobody can change that.

Reality can.

[โ€“] [Deleted] Lvl5 Laser Lotus 13 points

TIMโ€™s always repeat that to themselves because their brains realize that this is false but they have to try to smother that little voice of truth.

If their bones are dug up by archeologists in the future they will immediately be identified as male.

[โ€“] MenHaveItEasy Moid Respecter 7 points

And 100,000 years from now, their DNA will be identified as male through Y-Chromosomal Adam's patrilineal line.

[โ€“] MenHaveItEasy Moid Respecter 15 points

I fear I'll be stuck in MTF spaces forever

I thought TWAW? I thought there was ZERO differences between women and TIMs? I thought TIMs had "female brains" and female souls"? Arent you literally women, and trans was just a journey? Even thinking that the sausage party you call twanswomen are in any way different than actual women, makes you a TERF.

This reads like a male wrote it.

I honestly just need another woman's support, perhaps for a shoulder to cry on.

No woman talks like that.

It's so funny the narcisstic rage they feel at being grouped together with other MtFs and not real women. They claim MtFs are exactly the same as real women and should be recognized as such (by real women, primarily). But when they're in their own little spaces they rage about being stuck with all these creepy dudes lmaoooo the lack of self-awareness. disgusting.

[โ€“] Perseph265 13 points Edited

You're not ever going to be welcome in women's spaces because you're not a woman. Go get your own.

Also... people associating 'afab' and 'female' with 'woman' is problematic? That's what happens when you try to force newspeak down everyone's throats and pretend that actually changes anything material; physical reality doesn't give a flying fuck how you feel, you were born male and you will always be male. And everyone knows it, and no amount of denial, makeup, surgeries, hormones, thought contortion, genderspeak or genderfeelz pixie dust will ever change that.

So odd...why the need to force oneself into places where you're not wanted?

[โ€“] mathlover 10 points Edited

Male sexuality is all about domination and violation of boundaries. This the source of male sexual gratification. Forcing themselves where they are not wanted gets them off.

[โ€“] bellatrixbells BoobatrixRex 13 points

He needs another woman's support? Let me guess, he wants, like, an actual woman to be his shoulder to cry on? I'm assuming a TIM won't do.

Wtaf, how were you SoCiaLiSEd As FeMaLe if you only began claiming you were a woman in your mid twenties? Dude, you can't be socialized as a female if no one thinks you're one.

I also like how he complains that once he leaves the hugboxes where everyone agrees to play pretend with him no one plays pretend with him. Like of course they don't! ๐Ÿคฆ๐Ÿผโ€โ™€๏ธ

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