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Living on the most insane white dude planet ever when not getting a rhinoplasty is implications for starting literal genocide. Also Matt Walsh is dumb as shit and think he's being genocided as well so it's two mouth-breathing gender essentialists fighting when they could simply shut up forever.

Remember when thalidomide was banned and the government immediately murdered all its victims? /s

How about neglectfully detransitioned? I see it like playing out like this - I drink wine on my deck and you imagine a yourself a victim of genocide and die from hyperbole exposure.

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??? where is he getting this from?

no un-transitioned person should transition implies "kill all people who have already transitioned"? thought contra was at least competent in basic philosophy :/

(That being said I don't really agree with the original take, if adults want to do ridiculous things to their body then so be it. I don't think they should, but making it illegal isn't right either.)

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Interestinggggggg…has contra always used the term transsexual? Or is he doing it in jest here? Or what?

IIRC Contra had some transmedicalist views that were 'non-binary-phobic' and there was some scuffle on Twitter about it that ended in him taking an extended break from the platform. I believe he's had Buck Angel on his channel as well. As far as I know 'transsexual' is a term mostly used by "truscum"/transmedicalists nowadays so it might be a nod to that.