"Nonbinary" now on puberty blockers and hormones. But when it comes to the adults, "trans people don't owe you surgery".

Thank god I was born in the 80s before my abusive mother did this to me for my Ninja Turtle obsession.

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if enbies are neither man nor woman why do they need to halt the natural aging of their body?

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Why are they asking reddit this and not the physician? 😐

Makes you wonder if these kinds of posts "just asking for advice to support their trans kid" are really just psyops planted to normalize this transhumanist depopulation delusion and destabilize society.

That is trolltally bot true. It’s an innocent po$t by a concerned modther.

New things are hard to accept in this ever changing world, it’s the order of things

I thought that gender and sex were different. Why would a "nonbinary" need puberty blockers? Is the kid supposed to stay on puberty blockers for the rest of her life lest she ever go through "estrogen puberty" and mature into an adult? How can people be so stupid? It doesn't take a genius to think that maybe hormones and puberty play a part in brain development.

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Is the kid supposed to stay on puberty blockers for the rest of her life lest she ever go through "estrogen puberty" and mature into an adult?

I assumed that the kid is a boy and "estrogen puberty" was referring to HRT.

You could be right. I read that as the kid would likely start "estrogen puberty" in a few months if not put on blockers, but who knows.

How on earth can parents cheerfully and enthusiastically do this to their child? I will never understand this. I don't care that doctors and teachers lie. We all figured it out. How can a parent think this is okay?

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Image transcription: r/cisparenttranskid

Supprelin or Lupron?

I'm posting this in a couple of places - I hope this isn't too much of a faux pas. My wonderful child (nb13) is cleared to start puberty blockers, and we're trying to decide between Lupron injections, or Supprelin implant. We are well insured, so we get to take our pick. (It's a crime that access to care is limited for so many people)

They are very likely going to be starting estrogen puberty within the next several months - I don't know if that makes a difference.

There are a lot of Lupron reviews talking about bone issues later in life, but the most negative reviews I've seen for Supprelin seems to be possible moodiness.

Any opinions out there? My child is leaning towards injections, and I want to support their choices, but I do want to know if there is a tangible difference between these meds.

Thanks, all!


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Better question: Prison or Execution?

Only in 2022 can you openly admit to inflicting permanent damage on a 13-year-old girl to try to keep her prepubescent (pedophilia) without the FBI raiding your house.