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Hateful content towards men: "some of them have a mental illness, I feel sympathy"

Hateful content towards women: " bitch I would burn your body and then rape you "

Patriarchy in action 🤡🌍

I have had men threaten to rape me, and Twitter did nothing about them. But call gender dysphoria a mental illness (which it is), they suspend people. Wtf

I wonder what happens if you say that the rape threats trigger your gender dysphoria. Would they take action then?

I was banned from Reddit for the same reason, only there I actually said that trans people likely commit suicide due to co-morbid mental illness, and the trans mod said I was calling trans people mentally ill. Like, if you commit suicide, you’re mentally ill. This isn’t rocket science.

Depression is a mental illness

"So true, damn, I wish nobody has it"

Gender dysphoria is a mental illness

"Bigot! Terf! How dare you!"

Of course Twitter is perfectly fine with promoting violence against, threatening, or harassing people on the basis of sex.

Standing ovations, cheering choirs, parades with music or its a hate crime