Genocide. Genocide. It’s such a strong word. It’s a war crime for God’s sake.

Now, I could understand it if most of these people who fear “genocide” are in very anti-LGBT countries (because for the most part, anti-LGB countries are also anti-T) where a crackdown is plausible, but I don’t get that impression.

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If there actually were a genocide, transvestites would return to "boy mode" at the drop of a spinny skirt.

I have heard that these catastrophizing beliefs come from the way the trans cult frightens its members to fear everybody else, expecting everyone trying to murder them. Yet TERFs, for instance, don't even go to protest at their events while they act aggressive and menacing at gender critical gatherings.

It's based on that inculcated phobia the movement has given them. Transwomen in prostitution are at risk, certainly, because all prostitutes are at greater risk given the nature of the punters, and there are some men who will attack those they think might be gay men and some of those will be trans. But the general society in the West is not trying to kill them, and to believe that is harmful for the trans people themselves.

But I can see it online where every response is about someone trying to stop them from existing. If even mild questioning is interpreted that way, there is something quite morbid in the very core of the movement.

The most valid argument over 'trans genocide' is that some countries are pushing to remove estrogen/androgen prescription to trans adults but if you've already been on them for a while/have had yourself neutered your gonads could be nonfunctional and you it's medically necessary to continue covering it. Which I think they should change. Post testosterone the female reproductive system can become precancerous/cancerous so it should be made sure that hysterectomy / reproductive health is still made available to them bc they tend to be unable to afford it otherwise.

Also for the people that have had surgeries that have undesirable outcomes there should be as much allowance as other conditions of the breast/SRS causing fistulas, prolapse etc. Should be covered under insurance (seeing as this affects minors as well the existing minors should get ""gender affirming care" under these circumstances). Which the laws don't cover.

It's insane. They're saying there's a purge coming and then all the trans people left will be slaves. It's like they are all petulant teenagers. Also, they can avoid the purge pretty easily since it's just a made up thing in their own heads.

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As is “being trans”. Mass murder of crossdressers would be remarkably easy to avoid.

The only genocide against trans people is led by trans people. They are the ones who are exhorting dangerous experimental drugs and surgeries.

They are also the ones who kill themselves and groom vulnerable individuals into thinking that killing themselves is the only alternative to "transition".

My son's university has installed tampon dispensers in the men's bathrooms. This was right after a critically dangerous and potentially deadly stickering incident where the administration sent out a hand-wringing email despairing over the fact that they couldn't set up cameras in the women's bathroom to determine just who the wicked, evil, FOUL stickerer was so that they could properly silence her freedom of speech.

No one in the Western world is genociding you, ya goofs.

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Wtf, they seriously used the word “attack” multiple times to refer to a woman putting a fucking sticker in a stall?!?!?

I wish these idiots would learn the meaning of the words they use!!! Stickers are not attacks.

My son still laughs about that email. He was genuinely expecting to open it and read about some hateful racism or something. And then to see that?

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