"Whipping Girl" is a book by a man, about his sexist fantasy of what it means to be a woman. That's why it didn't resonate with her. There will be no marvelous dragon egg, because all she is doing is taking steroids. She needs to read some books by actual feminists. I hope she channels her efforts into something worthwhile one day; sad to see her energy being wasted like this.

[–] GCRadFem 29 points

Such a good illustrator writing total nonsense and missing by a mile:

Gender stereotyping is the basis for how she feels. No insight. Taking testosterone because femininity is not her thing. It’s not for many women but you don’t need T for that.

Aren’t kids taught anymore that they are fine just as they are? I feel the aftermath of this craze is getting closer. I wish that so many young people were not getting damaged before they finally figure that out.

[–] Eava 21 points

Acknowledging internal misogyny did not mean she had to be "feminine", wear skirts and makeup, etc. There are so many times trans and NB people sound like they're about to see the light, then they inexplicably veer off the path so they can continue being trans/NB.

A thousand times this.

They don't resonate with gender stereotypes, misread a shallow critique of those stereotypes, double-down on trying to perform those stereotypes, and then decide to reject the biological concept of sex instead of simply rejecting those stereotypes.

Well, it’s well-written nonsense at least (as in word choice and style, not content)

Too much porn and social media also probably plays a huge role. TIMs admit this, but other groups won't for some reason. Many of these non-binaries will also claim to be asexual and that's not a coincidence. They are probably very uncomfortable with sexualized femininity and have thus decided that they aren't normal women. Although I still am not fully sure if that causes body dysphoria and a desire to take testosterone, because imo that's a really extreme thing to do.

The thing that kills me is she says outright she never had issues "being a girl". She's doing this because she's obsessed with the idea of being a magical in-between with an air of mystery.

The flippantness of it all, too. Whoops haha top surgery. Lol just got a binder. Oops started T.

Just. Sigh. Too much introspection is bad. It leads to shit like this where you over think shit and try to seek out more meaning and purpose than there really is. This is "deep" shit that hippies on crack would spout.

She's so close to getting it.

It isn't gender that makes her feel uncomfortable, it's conforming to gender roles. You don't need to take testosterone to cut your hair short or wear men's clothing.

Society's lack of acceptance for gender non-conformity causes this in a way and it makes me feel really sad for her.

The navel-gazing is strong with this one.

How can they spend SO MUCH time thinking about themselves? They don't seem to realize that 99% of people who walk by them on the street couldn't care less about their speshal gender fee fees.

I hope they do a lot of thinking about themselves before they just accidentally stumble into transition

[–] hmimperialtortie 🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈 17 points

I noped out halfway through. Couldn’t stand the total lack of self awareness and tedious self obsession.

I don't get how it's possible to spend so much time thinking about yourself, and then come up with stupid conclusions like she does.

[–] hmimperialtortie 🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈 5 points

Yes, someone called it introspection, but “the examination of one’s own mental and emotional processes” it ain’t.

Right? How can someone so normal and boring be so obsessed with themselves?

This is what happens when people are fully immersed in gender ideology. A short haircut = man, so if you want a short haircut as a woman, you're already transitioning.

[–] hmimperialtortie 🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈 5 points

Does this mean I should sue the male hairdresser who interpreted “just a tidy up” as “short back and sides” for my mother, for attempting to trans her? 😮

[–] LonelyKindred Jaded Tomboy 11 points

Man, this one's sad.

I kinda got hooked on that tiny "is this what it takes to earn affection from you?" panel. Growing up ace in today's culture is terrible, being expected to perform degrading acts you can't even condition yourself to enjoy in hopes you'll be loved must suck.

This sounds like me, a lot, when I spoke the party line. Clothes and haircuts don't have a gender, they're man-made. I hope the T doesn't wreck her too hard before she wakes.

I feel exactly like that. But i will eternally refuse to give my health and money to the big pharma who made all the effort to the society to look like that so i’d get that much discomfort from existing.

Congrats, white girl, you’re human.

The whole I like being a girl but I like being a Boy Scout moment. Ok so do both. They have such low self esteem they can't be themselves and like what they like because they like it. They're such perpetual victims and think everyone is staring at them judging them 24/7. This comic is a series of, OK but no one but you gives a flying fuck if you like climbing trees and still want to be a girl but don't like "girly" things. JUST DO IT. NO ONE GIVES A SHIT. Grow a goddamn backbone and live your life. People have their own shit to deal with!


The solution to wanting both knives and nail polish for Christmas is to ASK for knives and nail polish. The solution to being told you have to wear the female dress code option is to ASK for a gender neutral option and/or expanded options.

Women can wield knives. Women can wear suits.

The solution is NOT to inject yourself with literal poison that can cause reproductive organ atrophy and cancer, especially when you acknowledge you still feel like a woman and your pronouns are she/her.

[–] Committing_Tervery alien/ufoself 👽🛸 7 points

What does being white have to do with it?

I would say this level of victim-mentality/self-obsession can really only come to that level of fruition in someone who has the luxury/privilege of a lot of time on their hands, and not much true oppression at all.

Think of it this way.

This comic is meant to be an overview of her life and why it's been so hard to be whatever woo gender she is.

The transgressions that she has been forced to endure?

Not being gifted a knife for Christmas.

Liking fishing and nail polish.

Yet the way she talks about it, you would think she's reliving the horrors of war.

It's so sad, but also so absurd.

And so steeped in privilege, that calling out her race is just acknowledging that. It's the same shit as saying "cry harder, male"

This girl is simply far too self-obsessed and insecure to put two and two together and realize what the actual root of the problem is.

This feels like the kind of navel-gazing that woke oppression olympics has created. She is most likely straight or at least opposite sex-attracted as well and seeking more labels that tie her to an oppressed class, rather than being the boring “cis, straight, white” “oppressor.”

[–] Researcher1536 11 points Edited

If falling down a flight of stairs is how you describe transition, something ain't right. They can't see how ridiculous everything they believe really is.

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