Jeffrey marsh the groomer

Gay men leech off women ; money (hairdressers/clothes designers), entertainment dressing as women or doing making fun of women, we are the human shields for them.

Remember these companies. Make sure they never get another dollar from us.

100%. I need to buy tampons soon and don't want ones made of petrochemicals/plastic. I'd really prefer something natural, and normally I would buy ones I can buy irl in my old city (which aare 100% cotton), but they aren't available here. So I'll have to order online. I won't give them my money and I won't buy an unknown company without checking first to make sure they don't engage in male-pandering/female erasure, first. If they do, they go on my do-not-buy list. That these companies really think pandering to male fetishists and self-hating women is the way into our wallets (and vags/underwear), is astounding. I hope more women wake up to how offensive it is.

This is one place we can vote, with our wallets. Let’s see how well the tampon and female hygiene companies that pander to trans do when it’s only trans people buying their product. I bet they come around pretty quickly.