It’s REALLY beyond me how can marsh have this much followers when he is so creepy. Everytime i see a video of him talking all my red flags go up.

[–] Nona_Biba elephanthood 9 points

Yet another instance where TIFs are overshadowed by TIMs.

If you MUST have trans people sponsor your products, then get the trans people who have actually experienced menstruation

Image Transcription: Twitter

Heavy Lies The Crown, @ CrownOnMyFrown

Dylan & Jeffrey Marsh, both biological males, are now sponsored by sanitary products companies @ Tampax and @ phluidproject, You literally couldn't make this sh*t up. Two more companies off my list then - two that I would have given money to as I actually HAVE periods FFS.

[Two images. On the left, a man in a white turtleneck holding up a pack of Always sanitary towels and a wrapped tampon. On the left, an image of a tweet, with hashtags like #LforEveryV and #People of L, shows three images of a man in a yellow blouse and red plaid skirt holding a packet of sanitary liners.]

It's so ridiculous. Their game of make believe is going way too far

[–] no- 6 points

This is ridiculously offensive, I want out of this Black Mirror episode.

[–] aaardvark 2 points Edited

We truly are in the most heinous stage of capitalism thus far. Companies will do anything to get more people to buy their product, even if they'll never use said product (although we do know some males use them for some other sick purposes). This, the bra companies, the period underwear companies using males who "identify" as having a period in their commercials...what a sick world we're in.

I can’t find any evidence other than their say so…..I looked, but of course I could have missed it. I’m just skeptical AF because these colonizers will lie and steal EVERYTHING for “validation”. Part of me thinks they are claiming to be sponsored, but aren’t….because if the company sent a “cease and desist” then the company would be labeled as transphobic. Let’s just say I’ll believe when there’s more that just these assholes saying it’s true.

Well, it'd be nice to hear it's fake, but I'll still abstain from giving them my money anyway. Always for other reasons, the other one, "phluid" something, because they are probably woke anyway.... most menstrual companies these days seem to engage in female-erasure.

[–] crodish 3 points Edited

The two men who were so effeminate they thought they were women. I hate both of them. They're creeps. Jeffrey Marsh is a kid predator and Dylan Mulvaney is a self-hating gay who thinks offensive stereotypes of women means he is one.

Totally wonderful that TIMs are hoarding tampons for their nonexistent periods when there’s a nationwide tampon shortage

[–] SakuraBlossoms transheight 7'3" 7 points Edited

I didn't realize Tampax is owned by the same company as Always, because Always has actually been solid from what I saw. Their website has "woman" all over the front page, "60% Of Women Wear The Wrong Size Pad," and "Our YouTube channel is full of girl smarts." They run the #LikeAGirl campaign which looks pretty based, and I bought their pads very recently and they have all these "Courageous like a girl," "Strong like a girl," etc. on the individual packages. Insane though that it's reached the point where I'm relieved to see a female-only product marketed to females.

Tampax, meanwhile, has in their mission: "Our mission is to make period conversations as normal as periods so women and all who bleed can feel educated." All humans bleed? They use that same creepy line a couple times in it, but then completely forget about it other times: "Our founder created an all-female workforce to sell tampons - from women factory workers to traveling nurses who educated the public"; "We continue to believe in a culture of confidence, female empowerment, and courage that comes with knowing women can live their life without limits"; "Sadly, society has created a world where there's no real talk about women's bodies, periods, or tampons." It really looks like some TRA went in and messed with the description, inserting "and people who bleed" a couple times, and no one wanted to be the "bigot" who told them to remove such idiocy. I wouldn't be surprised if there was some TRA involved in sponsorships who is responsible for giving one to that creepy man.

Always has been shit in other ways for quite a while. They are known for purposely selling inferior products (like lower quality then what you find in North America, Europe, etc.) pads and stuff in Africa. So I already hated them for that and now they are on the trans train. Bye. I think Always may have been the company that removed the female symbol ♀︎ from their packaging because a bunch of TRAs complained. (I hate how wonky that symbol looks on a Mac, what gives?). It might have been another company but I think it was them.

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