Evil woman. Funny how even after all of that medical intervention, her child still looks like the GNC female she actually is.

Also, fuck off with the lies. Allowing your little girl to cut her hair and wear a boys' swimsuit is not illegal anywhere. My mom let my 5 year old self do both in a very red state back in the early 2000s.

And funny how cutting her hair like daddies looks like cutting her hair like mummies in the pic posted. Funny how the mother can’t see the obvious contradiction in her own choice of photos.

Yeah I went through the mother's profile and she had long hair until a few years ago but it seems she found out women can have short hair too and had a haircut.

In the 90s, I had a short pixie cut, almost like Sinead O'Connor. My boyfriend had long hair to his shoulders (think Brad Pitt in Legends of the Fall). Women have had short hair and men have had long hair in many cultures at different times.

I'm seriously so sick of this regressive shit.

As a mother of girls, this is so upsetting. You made your daughter wait A YEAR to cut her hair short because you were afraid of judgement?? But then you took her to get her breasts cut off. Cool. Cool. Not messed up priorities AT ALL. This mother is so obsessed with how others think of her, she just went from one hivemind to another.

Also, I know this is only tangentially related, but I've always put my daughters in rash guards and long shorts, or "boy swimsuits." You know why? THE SUN. I'm so sick of this. I can't wait until the day when dumb gender roles are dumb again instead of the freaking gospel.

[–] ProxyMusic 11 points Edited

The contemporary fixation with hair length and the regressive idea that all little girls should and do have long hair boggles my mind. When I was growing up in the the USA in the1960s, it was much more more common for little girls to have short hair than long hair. Even though I grew up in a milieu where we wore skirted uniforms to Catholic school and had to don a dress for church and holiday dinners - and our "Sunday best" outfits included white gloves - none of us was preoccupied with looking, dressing and behaving in the stereotypically "girly" ways.

Most girls had pixie cuts or chin-length hair, and when we were not in school or gussied up for church of synagogue, most of us dressed in comfortable fairly "gender neutral" clothing. This was still pretty much the case in the 1990s when my own kids were little - though I did notice the sex stereotyping starting to be pushed more and more back then as part of a new trend in merchandising.

"Scout" in the movie version of "To Kill A Mockingbird" from 1962: https://tokillamockingbird.fandom.com/wiki/Scout_Finch?file=Scout_Finch.jpg

"Ellen" in "Fatal Attraction" from 1987: http://photos1.blogger.com/blogger/2088/2881/1600/Image8.60.jpg

I had a pixie cut in the 90s and my boyfriend had shoulder length long hair. Brad Pitt set that style rage for men.

Ann Heche was a short hair style icon for women FFS.

NOBODY remembers GenX despite our 'gender-bending' presentations.

One of the girls babysat in the early to mid 2000s had what these gender ghouls would call "boy hair." Her mom got tired of dealing with her older daughter's long hair, so M had short hair. She liked her short hair, but she would make comments that sounded like she got crap from her peers for having short hair. Another girl had chin-length hair. My own 83 year old grandma has had shorter than a pixie her entire life. I've never seen her with hair longer than a pixie, even in old photos.

Why in the everloving fuck is this woman posting pictures of her teenaged daughter standing in front of the Bear Pride and Leather Pride flags?

Don't even start with the "she's only desperate to save her child and is brainwashed by activists", that's obvious, but she's feeding this destructive ideology to OTHER PARENTS who will damage their own children, so I'm not interested in mutilation cultists like her to be excused. Her daughter wanted to wear comfy clothes and short hair and instead of telling her "OK sure, girls can do that no big deal" she made a huge show of acting like it's such a huge thing and making pictures and everything. Her daughter looks very young when they announced the top surgery, around 14 maybe? which is very disturbing. The way her mother describes her body modification drugs as "lifesaving medication" is also fucking offensive to people who in fact need life saving meds. When she wrote it's a great thing that there are more and more trans identifying kids made my jaws drop. What's great about more and more kids needing mutilating surgeries to "continue living", as she alleges??? She very confidently states that without these procedures children will SIMPLY DIE. How can one spread such a dangerous and harmful lie, stating that ALL children who express discomfort need to do this??? That this woman apparently works at a children's hospital is terrifying. Yes, Hilary, what you're doing is indeed child abuse and you would deserve to rot in prison.

EDIT: I didn't include a pic of that but she did have the mastectomy and now looks like she's in her early twenties, and I'd say she even passes as a man so the cross sex hormones did have visible effects

I have observed a very clear distinction between parents of TiP teens/tweens and parents of TiP children. The former are either affirming because they're terrified or affirming because they are trusting in professionals. The latter are driving this train for their own ego gratification.

[–] SecondSkin 5 points Edited

I think the start of her post could possibly be forgiven for being a mother trying to understand her child and do what’s best. But then she gets to the 42% fake sui stat and the claims that all other children will die without transitioning.

I have children with disabilities. I know plenty parents with children who have various disabilities. We all know every last thing about our kids conditions. It’s almost automatic, to read every study, every experts view, to find all the accurate details to be able to make the most informed choice for our children. No way do any of us jump with glee at sui stats, or not look into the data behind them. That’s the dead give away that she’s abusing her child. There are plenty parents who have teens who have rogd, who feel trapped between schools brainwashing their child and doctors pushing transition as the only option. I have sympathy for them, I don’t think they are abusing their child. Even if some are failing to advocate for them effectively. But parents who jump with glee at their special preschooler ‘being trans’, they are definitely child abusers. This is all about meeting the parents needs. This is medical abuse and those children need protected. Her daughter can wear boys swim suits and have hair like daddies (although looks like hair like mums from the photos) while being a girl. She doesn’t need dangerous, irreversible off licence medication and life threatening surgery she may well regret later. This mother using her child to prop up her own fragile ego, to prove she’s an extra special parent by mutilating her child, this needs investigated and prosecuted the same as all child abuse.

i'm very disturbed by children coming out being called 'beautiful'. it's not beautiful for people to either a) be socialised into believing they have to surgically alter their body to match their personalities or b) have a crippling mental disorder that makes them deeply unhappy and constantly dissatisfied with their bodies...

[–] [Deleted] 1 points Edited

Image Transcription: Social Media

Hilary Smiley

Child abuse. The pictures you see below are what would put me in jail, if we lived in Texas.

PICTURE 1: after hiding between girls bathing suit racks and crying, I suggested he try a boys bathing suit. That smile? First look of joy I had seen in years.

[Image of a young girl wearing a blue t-shirt, shorts and bangles, smiling.]

PICTURE 2: Cutting his hair "like daddy's." I made him wait a year from the day he told me he wanted to do it, so afraid of judgement. That look? Joy.

[Photograph of a young girl with short hair looking at herself in the mirror and shrieking with joy; behind her, an older woman and another girl of about the same age are holding their hands over their mouths and appear to be crying.]

PICTURE 3: The day he found out he was having top surgery. He had been binding for years, and a small malformation was beginning below his breast plate from the restriction. He hated his body so much, he would bind 23.5 hours a day, only taking it off to shower. This is a child who was told he was having MAJOR surgery, with a pretty intensive post-op, yet again, joy.

[*Photograph of the same girl, now a teenager, sitting on an examination bed with her hands clapped to her face and a wide smile. She is wearing a baseball cap with the rainbow flag and has a rainbow lanyard hanging from her belt.

PICTURE 4: the day he received his life saving medication. Again, joy.

[Image shows the same teenaged girl, holding a large brown paper bag from CVS, smiling at a prescription packet.]

The rate of children coming out as trans or non binary is only growing (and how beautifull). When I would post years ago, I was the only family most people knew. And through those years and stories I have heard from so many who are now walking the same path, allowing their children to be exactly who they are. How extraordinary.

What's happening in Texas - the assault on women and children - is not isolated. Anti-trans legislation and laws are being written in states all around us. And what will happen if these kids don't receive their medicine? They will die. It's that simple. Recent research shows that an alarming 42% of queer youth have seriously contemplated suicide. Is that what we want for our kids? Listen, I don't know eveiything. But what I do know is we had no other choice. And that there are families just like mine - questioning, hoping, wondering if there is an answer to what makes their child so sad. And if that answer is gender-affirming care, then I believe the people who want to stop it are the real child abusers DO SOMETHING TODAY. Make a gift to support a gender-affirming clinic, or give to the Human Rights Campaign so they can fight this bigotry at the legislative level.

And, as always, if you have questions or want to talk - reach out, I am here to listen. If you know a child who is expressing a desire to be their full self, support them. Because the alternative is simply, no good.


Assistant Vice President at Boston Children's Hospital

August 3, 2013 - Present

[An image of, presumably, the OP, with her daughter behind her. Both are short-haired, smiling, bespectacled and female.]

[A photograph of the trans-identified girl standing with two other people in front of three hanging flags. From left to right, the bear pride flag, for large and hairy gay men; the classic eight-stripe rainbow flag; and the leather pride flag, used by people who enjoy incorporating leather clothing and accessories into sex.]

[An image branded Boston Children's showing what may be the same three people (though all facemasked) holding placards for Black Lives Matter. The photograph has been cropped to a circle and overlaid on a trans flag. A caption at the bottom reads "Proud to be part of the #1 children's hospital."]

Oh shit, my mom shoulda caught that I was trans when I wanted to wear swim shorts instead of typical female bathing suits. (For me, it’s just because I don’t like how those show off your thighs… Not enough covered to make me comfortable. Swim skirts would’ve been fine too for me.)

You know, my parents did think I thought I was a boy like as a 3 to 4 year old. I didn’t—I acted like “tomboy” was this third gender that magically meant whenever the dumb boys said “No girls allowed,” I could still be allowed. Pointed that out to them—I always knew I was a girl, but even so, it’s something they would only jokingly reference, just an “oh, here’s a silly thing our kid did way back when” story. Wonder what would’ve happened if I had been born a decade and a half later…

both my girls wore swim shorts as did the majority of their peer group...probably because we aren't in fucking regressive Texas and subjected to toddlers in bikinis.