Yeah this thread made me so angry. Everyone agreeing that radfems are so sexist because only the most "feminine" women are real women! That's not what we say!!

I'm guessing some of this comes from them purposely misunderstanding us when we say TIMs don't usually look like women. It's not because they have a strong jaw or their hair isn't pretty enough that they're not women. They're not women because they're not female!

They're the ones that think your preference for sexist stereotypes decides your sex. They have no idea what our beliefs are!

It showcases how childish and immature they are. They're not even trying to understand our side probably because they're afraid they'd become "terfs" too lmao. But really, this is basically what's happening:

Terfs (and literally every biologist): humans can't change sex! Women with short hair or masculine features are still women! Women's rights MATTER!

Sexists and libfems: this woman has short hair so she's a man!!! Get off here, you manly man with your man haircut!!!

Also libfems: this is TERFs fault

So they are blaming us for a problem we have always tried to eradicate, which they are helping to cause. How do they not see they are the gender essentialists? "You have short hair, your pronouns must be he/they, right???" -TRAs. Morons.

Btw we really need a Trans Issues > Sexual Assault flair, because there is a full on meltdown from TRAs in the comment when a few women come forward and say they'd happily face questions about their short hair if it meant they could escape the sexual harassment they face on public transport/if women had a safe space during their commute.
The trans take-over of comments REEKS of male privilege.

Link to original thread.

So... If I cut my hair short then I wanna transition and I should change my pronouns?


What logic is this? 🦆

I know 100% that if i cut my hair short my TRA friends would ask about my pronouns.

What's this leopard eating faces thing?

It's based on a twitter post at a time where a large number of Trump voters were expressing shock that his policies (especially anti-immigration) also affected them or their loved ones.