She had her internal reproductive organs removed too a few months after turning 18. She's a psychology major btw.

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Oh my g-d

edit: There's a girl lower down on that page who got top surgery at 15. FIFTEEN. Women's breasts aren't even done growing at that age. These doctors need to be struck off, and parents need to be charged for this BS.

I had it at 14... you can check my post history for more information.

I am so sorry.

FYI, if you posted in the detrans circle, many of us will not be able to see it. Only detrans women are supposed to view and interact with that circle. It isn’t a rule, just some Ovarit etiquette most users agree on. Same with the lesbian circle being just for lesbians.

This is monstrous -- I'm so very sorry. You deserved better from everyone around you.

I've seen detrans (and still trans IDing) women who had a mastectomy as teens and since as you said their breast wasn't done developing yet at the time, it partially grew back...

:( I don't know why this in particular is so upsetting to me but it is. To be that young and have a doctor willing to remove your breasts... Young enough they can start to grow back??

Pretty sure they aren’t done growing at 18, either

They're not. They can keep growing until the mid-20s (and significant hormonal changes can also induce additional breast growth, but the actual breasts have at least fully developed at that point).

Reddit stuff is prone to being removed or deleted, especially if they find it on TERF sites like us. It's better to use archive links.


She probably won't live long enough to get her Masters and start doing this shit to other kids.