everything I'm not supposed to, etc

Why does she sound proud about this

They are so fixated on removing their breasts. They don't realize it is their entire body that is female. Even in the photo, she's female as fuck, because she IS female. You can't hide your hips, your shoulders, your jawbone, your fingers. The obsession with a flat chest is just that - an obsession.

I hope she has support when she finally wakes up. She's gone too far at this point.

She sounds like those girls on anorexia tumblers bragging to each other how much they starve themselves. It's just another form of self-harm, and a way for girls to have a little bit of power over their bodies in a world where they are systematically denied power of anything, including their bodies. Not to mention, since it's breasts in particular, flattening them seems like a way to become invisible to sexual predation, to escape it, so 'de-sex' yourself and flee male sexual terrorism, porn, etc. Starvation will also reduce one's weight to the extent that breasts can nearly disappear. Funny how many parallels there are between girls 10, 20 years ago starving themselves, and girls now identifying out of girlhood and binding and taking drugs. It's all, I think, a reaction to the same thing: the horrible realization as girls come of age of what male supremacy has in store for them.

as a former anorexic, it really shocked me how many girls in ED communities had sexual trauma and were starving themselves to look less 'womanly'. Much of trans rhetoric reeks of exactly the same things I read back on pro-ana blogs and forums.

As a woman with an actual flat chest, gender ideology would have totally screwed me as a teen. I already thought I wasn’t “woman enough” and this current culture of “women = giant boobies otherwise you’re a man” would have broken my teenage brain.

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No woman can satisfy all standards for womanliness. That’s got to be a major reason why the gender cult thrives.

Oh I know, thankfully I’m long past the angst. But I still remember how it felt and I despair for teen girls now.

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I’ve got a problem with excoriation, that is, skin-picking. Sometimes I’ll viciously attack my face till I’m bleeding just to destroy any acne or what looks like it could be acne on my face. For me it’s a compulsion sort of thing, or anxiety related. But sometimes it’s a form of self-harm, as I’ve learned from the times I’ve had to clarify. And now, just thinking, I wonder if there’s similarities between that sort of behavior and chest binding. (For me, I know full well that I should leave my face alone, you know, but I can’t stop myself. That’s what got me thinking.) Whether chest binding could be considered a form of self harm, or maybe it is related to some sort of body image disorder (body dysmorphia, or maybe some something related to obsessive compulsive)

No advice, but sympathy from a fellow sufferer. For me it seems to be a sensory issue, combined with being a maladaptive coping mechanism for anxiety. I have finally found acne treatments that work for me, and it helps prevent picking so much.

Obsessive-compulsive disorder is a common morbidity with gender dysphoria.