everything I'm not supposed to, etc

Why does she sound proud about this

They are so fixated on removing their breasts. They don't realize it is their entire body that is female. Even in the photo, she's female as fuck, because she IS female. You can't hide your hips, your shoulders, your jawbone, your fingers. The obsession with a flat chest is just that - an obsession.

I hope she has support when she finally wakes up. She's gone too far at this point.

As a woman with an actual flat chest, gender ideology would have totally screwed me as a teen. I already thought I wasn’t “woman enough” and this current culture of “women = giant boobies otherwise you’re a man” would have broken my teenage brain.

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No woman can satisfy all standards for womanliness. That’s got to be a major reason why the gender cult thrives.

Oh I know, thankfully I’m long past the angst. But I still remember how it felt and I despair for teen girls now.