The new mansplaining. He was no doubt taking up two seats to make room for his delicate lady balls while he typed that.

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Edit: autocorrect removed the joke! 🥲

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I'm just popping in real quick to note that cycle lengths as short as 21 days are still perfectly normal...
i.e., contra what the OP wrote, 28 is NOT the low end. In fact 28 days is the median cycle length.

And in peri, which can last a decade (Ugh) you can skip entire phases of your cycle, so whatever you had before, reduce it by a quarter! 2.5 weeks? Yup, that happens and is normal.

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whoah, didn't know this, thanks!

Perimenopause seems to be a real wild card—I know some Women who've given it the same kind of "ugh", but others who've described it in almost lyrical terms as a time of mental lucidity, equanimity of mood/emotions, and even enhanced sexual response.

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Right after screenshotting this, I found more. The TIM posted his own interpretation of what happened: Screenshot. He was apparently downvoted by several people, though I can't see by how many yet.

/uj stands for "unjerk," and it means this is a non-sarcastic or genuine reply.

/ij, I believe, stands for "in joke" or "is jerk"? It's used to indicate a mockery.

He says it was about menopausal women so obviously he’s the same because he doesn’t have a period—except it wasn’t! She was explicitly talking about her cycle.

God, I hate men.

I call bull on losing 2 pounds per week

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She claims losses of, most likely, 1 to 1.5 lbs/week ("2-3 lbs at once" after a "1-2 week plateau", which is more likely to be 2 weeks given her characterization of it as premenstrual week + period week).
This would require only a 500- to 750-Calorie deficit per day, which is already quite plausible to begin with but especially if she's too sick to hold down food for almost a whole week as she says.

Even a loss of 2 lbs a week is still well within what's doable here. That takes a 1000-Calorie deficit per day—which is no walk in the park and would drive most people to alternating fits of misery and rage, but is absolutely still within the window of possibility unless this Woman is both TINY and completely sedentary.

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It's entirely possible, but not at all healthy or functional.

I know people probably won't believe me, but I dropped 70 lbs in 6 months at one point. That's 2 lbs per week. I didn't eat most days, when I did I kept it under 500 calories a day, and worked out until I threw up 6 days a week.