Says an older GNC female who was never medically transitioned as a child and does not appear to have medically transitioned now. Yet she's perfectly fine with sterilizing these kids and shortening their lifespans.

TRAs have moved from “trans women only lived to be 35!” To screeching about “trans kids” every minute. Kids have to be groomed to be “trans”.

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i suspect they've probably 'moved on' in large part because the "trans kids" might ACTUALLY only live to be 35... #OhShitMoment

This is why you never pander to them. It will never be enough. They will keep pushing and pushing an demanding and demanding.

They're literally NEVER happy or satisfied. You could give them every space and give in to every demand they've been pushing for and they'd still find a way to complain about being oppressed.

While I very much do not want Postmates donating to "trans kids", I still agree with the TIF that the ad was ridiculous.

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but at least subtle with it😅 There's no way the more straitlaced pple I know would catch the reference here—they'd just see an innocuous-looking ad with the obligatory nod to #Pridemonth, and nary a thing beyondways.

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postmates, @ Postmates

You shouldn't miss a good meal for a good time. That's why this Pride, we've teamed up with @ DrEvanGoldstein and @ smartthrob to create the world's first Bottom-Friendly Menu (yup, it's real). #EatWithPride

[An image of a dead fish wearing a coconut bra, a lei and some kind of herb as false eyelashes. There is text below it.*]

Soluble fibers and protein are the key to having some good, clean fun.

E. Carrington Heath (they/the..., @ echeath

Hey, how about for Pride you just donate a bunch of money to help trans kids in Texas instead? Queer and trans folks don't actually need help from corporations when it comes to sex.

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