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This came across my fyp (which I try to avoid, I literally hit "not interested" every time trans content pops up) and fucking yikes. Apparently this woman lost a nipple to infection from her top surgery and is just playing it off like it's an oops moment. I get that people have different ways to cope but this is not funny, relatable content 😬

I read that it's super difficult (from a skills perspective) for the surgeon to preserve the nipples, and it often doesn't work out. That's why they're pushing the no-nipple one these days. So sad.

I just went on that woman's TikTok and one of her videos says "me to my mom after she says I 'mutilated' my body" and it's just a bunch of pre-recorded memes and "funny" insults directed at her mom. How horrifying. Also, the necrotized nipple made me actually gag.

Her username contains the word "puppy" and the gloves she wear seem like animal paws... She's another TIF who is into furries and that puppy kink and fetishizes gay man, isn't she?

She has a long-running gag about how she wants to eat the necrotized nipple. Like she's trying to cope with the horror by making a joke of it. But this is not black humour, it's just really sad and disturbing because the mutilation and rotting flesh is self-inflicted. There's nothing brave or stoic or quirky about it. It's tragic and so very avoidable.

Image Transcription: TikTok

@ puppyinbleu

🌟fake bodies🌟

Dr: "where's your other neepple"

[Text, in pink, is superimposed over a photograph of a topless trans-identified woman with glasses, stubble and short blue hair that stands up like a cockatiel's quiff. She is wearing what appear to be sports bandages around her abdomen and furry gloves with plush claws. Her mastectomy scars are visible, and in place of her right nipple there is a black, necrotic ring.]

Why do they always have blue hair?

Probably because life is a simulation, and our bodies are just avatars on the "create a character" screen. Flip gender, have alien hair, make yourself as unhumanlike as possible.

Could be about self expression but I don't think so, in cases like this. It's the desire to be "special" and stand out.

Not to be brutal but of all the youth subcultures I’ve seen in my 50ish years, the modern trans/qweer aesthetic is the most visually unappealing by far. It’s like they’re elevating ugliness on purpose. It’s very unsettling.

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Not brutal at all. They make themselves hideous. Even punks looked less obnoxious.

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Tbh, yeah. I don't wanna seem like I'm getting old, but damn. I'm into some pretty extreme fashion subcultures and I love all of them, but the standard modern qweer aesthetic is actively an eyesore.

That would explain why the condition of their hair is so goddamn poor. Fried, dried, but also super greasy???

They think they can just endlessly customize their appearance without any issues. They seriously do not understand cause and effect.

You have to do a deep conditioning in between dye jobs, and you need to space them out to give your hair time to heal. You can't shampoo every day (which explains the pizza grease roots and fried haystack ends).

These people are delusional about literally everything in their lives, and it is exhausting.

I don't want to be a pretentious hipster... but I'm going to.

I had blue hair in the 90s before it was "cool". I used Manic Panic pretty religiously. And I got nothing but grief for it! So many hateful, weird, mean comments from complete fucking strangers.

These damn kids today.

I thought this actually was a photo of a corpse when I saw the thumbnail and NSFL warning.

That hair color is basically a sign to stay away. It's like those brightly colored frogs, a warning that they're toxic. Lol