The correction wasn't even necessary if I'm reading this right, as he was quoting some fictional person who would call him a he.

Image Transcription: Twitter

Mark Steel, @ mrmarksteel

I'm fascinated by the torrent of rage fired at Shappi, that goes ‘If you were a decent kind human being you would HATE Eddie Izzard and want him put in a dungeon and tortured with wasps, like all reasonable gentle people do’. (There - that should calm things down).

MadoE, @M adoE007

Put *her* in a dungeon.

Eddie rocks.

Mark Steel, @ mrmarksteel

Oh yes, whoops

human, @ amoozeboosh

Might l introduce you to @ MForstater, who lost her job over a similar whoopsie? And at least Eddie shaves.

Alan Henness, @ zeno001 - 9h --

Whoops? Imagine a woman getting that wrong in court and being told by the judge to refer to her attacker as if female...

A year ago I was instructed by District Judge Kenneth Grant to pretend my male assailant was a woman... | Peak Trans peaktrans.org

Tutting Maud, @ TuttingM

Whoops indeed. The reason we are monstered and described as bigots/fascits/nazi's is that we won't pretend we don't know that IE is male. I mean, you know it but we are all meant to play a merry dance. We say no as it is a lie. EI can dress however EI pleases but EI is not female

Aja, @A jaO25379...

"Oh yes, whoops"

Meanwhile women in prison will be written up on report if they slip up and call that person with a penis in their shower a "he"

Look at amoozeboosh up there. "I can see you already backtracked, but why miss a good opportunity to threaten?"

are they going at Shaparak Khorsandi? if so they're technically "deadnaming" a woman who has changed her name from Shappi back to Shaparak.