Wild how all detrans are TERFs now, even when r/detrans only allows actual detransitioners to post who mostly go into incredible detail of their whole medical journey. It’s quite flattering really they think I’m smart/knowledgeable enough to somehow make that level of detail up!

Sounds like a religious loon: apostates from the One True Religion can’t exist because they are really the devil in disguise.

Lucky for us, TRAs are actually not very intelligent people. They're basically yesterday's bullies repackaged as woke, cause currently that's how you can most efficiently bully people while being well... Very low skill and low intelligence.

That's why all their arguments are basically "no, u"

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"Figuring out your gender is scary"

I cringe whenever I see stuff like this. Gender does not exist and no one needs to figure out their sex. They are so fucking obsessed with forcing people into roles. It doesn't even occur to them that they can just... exist.

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Yeah pretty much. They genuinely think this is something everyone must go through. Like... I literally just stopped caring. If you look at me through the "T paradigm" I'm one of those male-adjacent pseudogenders of theirs. If you look at me through the normal people paradigm, I'm just a woman. In the end: Why have a breakdown on the couch over non-existent labels that don't actually change anything when you can use that same time and energy to, idk, sear up a good steak or go for a long walk?

Our young people are wasting their lives away, giving themselves anxiety disorders, trying to create nonsensical identities. So much energy, so many resources, being consumed by fiction. Imagine what these young people could accomplish if they were not being brainwashed by gender ideology.

They might demand affordable healthcare and housing. And the women might demand to be treated like human beings instead of some kind of slave caste. Those in power cannot have that.

"...you were never actually trans"

Isn't that what TRAs say to detrans people? I mean, I guess we technically agree, but only because we know nobody is actually "trans".

You were never trans at all, you were just brainwashed and tricked by the evil TRAs you should join us an dmake sure this never happens to anyone else :)"

Correct. Helping to remove women from your evil cult is my hobby, and I'm good at it. U mad bro?

So their arguments are 1. Detrans people don’t exist, it’s TERFs cosplaying 2. They exist but there are so very very few of them 3. They exist, but they are actually trans people that were tricked by the evil TERFs into detransition and 4. They exist, but they were never trans in the first place

As someone raised evangelical Christian—this is EXACTLY how they talk about people who leave the faith. I’m not even exaggerating for analogical purposes. It’s word for word.

Most of the “detrans” are just TERFs cosplaying to bully trans people.

(Citation needed)

Also, flip that around. TIPs are in fact LARP cosplayers who abuse normal people.

We don’t “recruit”. Many end up hate reading our stuff and then decide we aren’t wrong…

I hope all these "genuine trans" people go get their validating surgeries and experience the same thing every detransitioner has ever tried to caution them about.

I know if I had any sort of assurance that TIMs would actually use gofundme for their bottom surgeries, I'd totally start donating.

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sweet jhfca... if there's exactly one group I can't much imagine bullying anybody then it'd be detrans ppl.

Yes, that’s why we have a circle for detransitioners and a huge part of our site etiquette is for the rest of us to stay out of it and let them talk to each other uninterrupted and unobserved. That sounds exactly like a TERF plan to pretend to be detransitioners. How fucking disrespectful to the actual women who have been through this shit.

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