These idiotic males with their wishing to have a period is one of the many things that peaked me. I couldn't even talk about having pain during my period in online groups because "some trans women would love to have this experience!" Fuck off, seriously.

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I would love to make these men go through the crippling pain I suffered during some of my periods. Given what wimps so many men are about pain (and that these transcels are bottom of the barrel men) they wouldn’t be able to cope at all.

I was thinking of this today. I've been in car accidents, broken bones, been beaten up, had my hymen violently broken (which really fucking hurt), and nothing hurt worse than period cramps.

I wish these disgusting fetishists would get a uterus and get cramps. I wish that pain on their panzy asses so hard.

“Tell her she’s lucky she doesn’t have a penis”

As we all know, the bepenised are the ones who suffer in this male centric world...it’s the poor penis people who have been treated like second class citizens since the dawn of humanity. How lucky we are that we are not burdened with a penis in this penis worshiping society 🙄 We must be grateful for the privilege of being female.

What dimwitted, deluded MALE losers 😂

they have no idea. Periods are only a monthly reminder of the crushing misogyny we live under every day.

"When they reach puberty, boys get tall and strong, girls get periods and sexual harassment"

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I've had a lot tell me how lucky I am.. Like.. okay, go tell that to a cis girl whos had a hysterectomy. Guarantee that won't "make them happy"

Had hysterectomy. Was fucking glorious. No regrets. Still as much of a woman as he'll never be, but with far less pain and hassle.

These men who claim to understand women so well that they ARE women just keep making it 100% clear that they actually know even less than their non-gender-woo brothers about women.

This guy should embrace his status as a medically altered cross dresser and leave the cis real women alone to handle cis real woman issues without his transplaining lady-feels expertise.

Die male, losers.

This past month I bled through to an upholstered chair, despite it being probably the 20th anniversary of my menarche. I'm "lucky", in a sense, that my periods are so light and uneventful that I get no warning of their onset.

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bro I was in a car rolling down a hill and I considered the pain a 4/10. Periods are a 10.