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Regarding "allies" refusing to see it: I've just resigned to the fact that we live in a time of mass-psychosis where nothing we say will get through to otherwise "reasonable" people during any other time not marked by mass-psychosis. All that's left for us to do is to continuously stand our ground, speak our truth, say 'no, thank you' to the delusions and intrusions, and ride this out like a fever-ridden body that will eventually reach a point of crisis where it either dies* or recovers from the fever.

* The end of our democratic societies as we know them today and descent into authoritarianism.

Well said. I really thought that those who didn't understand were just people like me who never bothered to read into the other side, since it mostly gets censored and you have to go out of your way to look. It's surreal to know that they do "hate read" this site and it just bounces off their heads.

I think that most allies are like you (and me as well) and only hear one side. I think there are probably only a handful of TRAs that hate read us.

TRAs love projecting. They say that we don't know biology, that we're misogynists, that we're racist when they're the ones saying black women are more like men. Ugh the list goes on and on

Yep. They also claim we're the creepy, borderline pedophilic ones for "obsessing over kids' genitals." Telling of the way they think about children.

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Projection and DARVO are their strengths

I didn't understand what projection actually was for a long time, but once it made sense, it became genuinely hilarious (whenever it isn't just depressing).

Men will really go off on a rant thinking they're showing off how smart and superior they are, without realizing they're just outlining their biggest insecurities.

How is that even meant to make sense?

Do they honestly think that TERFs noticing the theft of ALL women's rights is what made the threat to reproductive rights real?

If so, what the fuck were the libfems doing? Surely, all of their focus was on securing reproductive rights as opposed to finding ways to include men in their "feminism", no?

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They can't even take the fight for reproductive rights seriously. Abortion bans are misogynistic attacks on women, and many libfems will literally refuse to call out the misogyny, because "Men and women can get pregnant!" You can't fight misogyny if you can't name it, let alone if you shriek at other people for naming it.

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They allies don't see it because they don't hear our voices. They only hear the voices of the TRAs telling them that we're evil and that TIMs are the most vulnerable people on earth. Twitter and Reddit are both completely controlled by TRAs.