Lol the irony of female and male socialization being literally on display between her post and the TIM's comment

I can't wait for them to realise that calling every single women a terf is just going to backfire on them. Anyway Far-Fly happy peaking!

Seriously. There's no ally they won't happily burn for a minor infraction. Ostracizing everyone who's ever had a kind thought towards them is a poor strategy.

This would be bad strategy if they really did want people to accept them fully, but they don’t. They want to remain the World’s Most “Oppressed and Misunderstood”, coz that’s the weapon used to beat the rest of us with. Ergo, this is the best strategy.

"Cisgender and transgender aren't defined by biology, but by history."


"If you internalise that, the distinction you're trying to make here just won't make sense any more."

No shit Dr Genius. If you brainwash yourself into believing pigs can fly, of course the distinction between pigs and birds won't make sense any more.

Do people like this really think they're saying something profound? Something true?

Such a strange argument. You want to look at history? Okay. For thousands of years, people with penises were not considered women. They were considered men.

Well no, he's talking about alternate history. You know, the book that was written in crayon, in around 2019?

Biology is just like, your opinion, man.

It's even in their terminology. "Assigned" male at birth. No, more like observed. That there is a penis.

[–] Lipsy #bornnotworn 3 points

If you brainwash yourself into believing pigs can fly...

But, swine flu like 10 years ago!

((runnnnns! like the WIND!))

Awh, does reality hurt again, TIMs?

In the end, it doesn't matter what you do. Their whole identity is based on how others view them and they will never be able to accept the fact they have zero control in the end. They know but they can't handle it.

The 'funniest' thing is they could never handle to be a real woman. They already break down due to this, let alone when they would experience the day to day life most women experience.

Their whole identity is based on how others view them and they will never be able to accept the fact they have zero control in the end.

Exactly this. We none of us can control how others see us, it’s one of the difficulties of being human. So they’re on a hiding to endless and ongoing failure in their efforts to do this. Sure, they have succeeded somewhat in getting people to pretend a lot of shit, but that’s not worth anything and they know it. I find this comforting because in this sense, victory is ours and always has been. Now we just need to keep exposing the pretend war for what it is…

Lol this is absolutely ridiculous. She was being so polite and they still reacted to her with vitriol. I wouldn't be surprised if this interaction peaked her.

Also, the fact that something as non-offensive as this qualifies as "transphobic hate" shows how sheltered and cushy their lives are.

If there's no real difference between women and TIMs, why do TIMs need to take exogenous hormones, invert their dicks, and act like the most stereotypical bimbos they can imagine? If they were already women without doing all of that stuff then why bother?

If TIMs have been women the whole time, why do they care about people acknowledging their "womanhood"? Real women don't constantly ask for others to affirm that they are indeed women

[–] legopants 39 points Edited

Wtf is that comment that theyre defined by history? History sets us even MORE apart

Right? Tims never were owned by their husbands, not allowed to vote or own property, or you know live to the great age of ‘died in childbirth’. There’s literally nothing we’d have in common with them historically either.

We're barely mentioned throughout history because we were just property. Ironically the same men who erased now complain that we didn't contribute to society. The fucking clownery.

[–] Gladys_Kravitz 14 points Edited

didn't contribute to society.

If men weren't being cooked dinner they would have had to do it themselves, and never would have invented anything.

Women are the literal backbone of society and NOTHING can happen without us.

Yes, there were female inventors who also contributed. But I don't want to downplay how important care work is. Someone has to do it, we can't just not eat or not have clothes to wear or just not take care of babies, sick people, and the elderly. The women who had the opportunities to invent and create also could only do so because their labor was outsourced to lower class women.

I can't believe how much men devalue that kind of labor. It is what the entire world is built upon. Literally nothing can happen without us.

Yeah, there was a chilling section (for me) in Helen Joyce’s book about how when you trans historical women who e.g. dressed as men or pretended to be men in order to do the things they wanted to do but were forbidden, you are essentially making the case that, historically, “women” is everyone who went along with their oppression, coz anyone who bucked it was a “man” i.e. TIF. Ergo, historically, in Tra-world, our sex is by definition the compliant sex. Fucking insidious shit!

The "Be Kind" types (like this poster) will peak from this treatment by TRAs. Nicely done

I mean, this kind of thing is what started my peak when I was still a Just Be Kind type, so yeah, let them keep digging their own graves with this kind of talk.

Honestly now I just want to see TRAs hit “peak TERF” as in, they realize 80-90% of people never actually saw trans people as the genders they claim to be (which TRAs would consider TERFy, no doubt)

[–] furyosa MERF 33 points

It was witnessing conversations exactly like this one that made me very suspicious of the gender ideology to begin with, which in turn led me to eventually tossing the whole ideology into the bin. They want complete submission and no discussion is allowed about our different experiences.

[–] ghoul2 17 points Edited

I used to sound exactly like the commenter at the top, and in some ways I still do while talking to people. Then I started getting paranoid when "nice" people were getting treated harsher than the people who actually hate trans people (e.g. the men who hate trans people for trying to evade gender expectations and hierarchy, the same reason they hate feminists for trying to subvert the same hierarchy)

[–] Tq231442 11 points Edited

I ironically get a lot less pushback the less "kind" I am. When I was like "I understand they're actually women but-" they'd rage at me. Now when I point-blank say they're men people are speechless and can't counter me.

They're used to us gently getting stepped all over. Female socialization is a bitch.

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