We're barely mentioned throughout history because we were just property. Ironically the same men who erased now complain that we didn't contribute to society. The fucking clownery.

Yeah, there was a chilling section (for me) in Helen Joyce’s book about how when you trans historical women who e.g. dressed as men or pretended to be men in order to do the things they wanted to do but were forbidden, you are essentially making the case that, historically, “women” is everyone who went along with their oppression, coz anyone who bucked it was a “man” i.e. TIF. Ergo, historically, in Tra-world, our sex is by definition the compliant sex. Fucking insidious shit!

This is why I have limited sympathy for TIFs in the here and now. How am I not supposed to notice that they’re basically saying: “Hey! The rest of you bitches are on your own.”