That Caelric fellow is notorious for showing up in other lesbian subreddits to harass lesbians

Yep, he definitely gets off on "correcting" women. Like a third of his account is gleefully getting users banned with a "begone TERF" comment

we are all human and deserve to live life as we wish

...really? So why isn't watching child porn ok? Ok, making more of it is wrong-- but there's a ton of it floating around already. Does that mean there's nothing wrong with recycling the stuff that already exists?

And while we're on the subject, remind me again why it's not ok for me to legally identify as a 7 foot tall purple cat, and have the rest of society address me as such?

It's transphobic to acknowledge that trans women have different experiences from actual women, but they also love saying how trans women have it so much harder and have to work harder to be seen as women. Which is it??

Unless they're a murderer or something

cue TRAs making sure everybody uses the murderer/rapist's pReFerReD pRoNoUnS

If there are no differences, then why do they insist women have cis privilege over TIMs?

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The way TIMs and handmaidens talk to each other, resembles a wife beater screaming at his wife for not making dinner good enough for him.

Since almost all TIMs are incels in dresses, this is an example of a relationship they would have if they could get a woman for a partner.

There can be no difference. That is the heart of the ideology. Any difference that is acknowledged leads to narcissistic rage.

Lord one of the fucking comments. “If you truly want to be an ally, read my comment and change your perspective”. What if she doesn’t agree with your point? Is she just supposed to change her mind anyway? (I know they’d say yes). They’re the worst.

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People can only put up with these whiny manbabies for so long. Keep biting the hands that feed your delusions and see how it goes 😉

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