What the hell?

That’s the most insulting impression of a woman I have ever encountered.

i don't use conditioner or moisturizer, nor do I shave. apparently, I'm a man now.

ps: my skin is completely fine. my hair looks and feels very healthy, I only use shampoo and baby oil. I just don't need those things.

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This POS can say this because it so clearly doesn't affect him. Teehee, just some champagne and a hot bubble bath will make it all better!

I'm not from the states, am in a relationship with a woman, and am childfree. And still women in my position would not be caught dead posting such callously insensitive, tone deaf, selfish and frivolous "advice". Because we are women. We understand the gravity of what this means and that it could happen to any of us, even when it doesn't affect us. Because we can empathize and because we are the only sex that can get pregnant, even if we aren't pregnant ourselves or don't intend to be, or can't.

Males will NEVER understand this. They will never fucking understand what it means to be female by the very fact that they are not female. And it shows in so many fucking ways.

"Get out your razors, get out your conditioner, and don't forget to moisturize!" This DESTROYED me. It's a shower, dude. You're talking about taking a shower. Of course a clueless man would call this a beauty routine lmfao they wash their faces with Ivory soap.

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Only a man larping as a woman could have written that... unless it's a very clever parody of a man larping as a woman.

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Not a parody. Real account of 3 years. His reddit bio:

Former cross dresser, now trans girl, wannabe glamour model. I hope to have boobs like my breast forms someday :) follow me on Instagram: Keira

He posts quite frequently about his growing gynecomastia :/

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follow me on Instagram: Keira92rl

Ohmygosh he is literally a dude with fake silicone boobs!!!

Ladies, please! Make sure to present yourselves as artificial as possible. Because if you don't I can't use that artifice to wear and to pretend I am female. Please, stick to the shallow and superficial. That's all I can see about you anyways. /s

I didn’t see that it was on the r/MTF subreddit at first and thought a woman was saying these things ironically. Turns out ... nope just a bloke utilising every feminine stereotype available to affirm his “wOmAnHoOd “ to himself as the very real threat to actual women’s rights and bodily autonomy does not and will not affect any male. Therefore he probably feels left out . By all means moisturise dude whatever makes you feel more womanly as actual women’s rights have been taken away.

These men are salivating at the thought of the world rapidly becoming the Handmaid's tale - they love the idea of women as objects, and they certainly don't see us as women.

I am one vain woman but for the fucking love of the goddess, how incredibly stupid do you have to be to fucking come up with this shit?

And then I remember: insane porn fried brains.

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