Soff? Pergernat? Is that supposed to be uwu cute girwy language? UGH.

Listen dude I only like sleeping with men whose penises work and who have nice hard masculine qualities. So there is no way that a straight woman is going to switch to your faux female self to avoid pregnancy. (Can we also note that this person is all about the pleasant taste of their precum - like, Kevin, sucking dick is not how women get off, why would we want to mess with your floppy parts when we want orgasms ourselves? )

Pergernat sounds like it's from this viral video about creative misspellings of 'pregnant'.

Damn, beat me to it! Funny, I was thinking about it earlier for a different reason, and here it is again. Strange phenomena.

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"the humble trans woman"

...wait, there's humble ones? •____•

They just call themselves humble. The same way the also call themselves women.

I hear about Tims impregnating women, willingly or not, all the time. I call bullshit.

"Most likely never get pregnant" Most. Likely. 🙄🙄

No no "most likely will never get YOU pregnant". He believes his hormone imbalance made him infertile, which by his logic makes him attractive to women who don't want to get pregnant.

Same damn difference. Both scenarios are impossible.

Well, no. A man with hormone imbalance can't get pregnant, because he's a man, but there's still a risk he could get some woman pregnant. Treat every gun as if it's loaded.

Serious doubt on #4. I'm into men but would never date a transwoman. I even like dudes who are a little more into their feminine side, but don't want a delusional weirdo who thinks his feelings literally affect reality.

I'm trying to think wtf #4 could possibly be referring to and I can't.

Man calls himself a woman, so now he thinks he knows how vagina's work.

There's already a thread on this choice morsel:


Ah. sorry. Should I delete?

I'm not sure; ask the Mods, I think? I actually don't know the rules in this circle about double posts. Personally, I find it so egregrious and so hilarious it's well worth a second go round.

Well also it's not about the screenshot itself, but the idiots at inceltear claiming it's totally fake cause transes can't be bad