This still points out your birth sex because you're "trans", you'd have to start at one or another lmao

Ah, yes. Being cat-called, talked over, female comradery, and boob sweat--the four things that make a woman a woman.

Thank you, random TIM, for so eloquently encapsulating the entire female experience.

Odd how the elements that qualify womanhood are always something that man can achieve

I wouldn't mind these catching on only because of how ridiculous they are. They sound similar to "scrote" and I think that's hilarious. Like yes, PLEASE make yourself sound like even more of a clown.

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They will never be satisfied until men are the only ones who may be described as women. (TIFs can scream all they like about being men but since they are women, their opinions count for nothing except for harming other women.)

Image transcription: r/honesttransgender

AFAB/AMAB is gross. Better alternative

Men of Transgender Experience (MOTE) and women of transgender experience (WOTE)

That's how I saw Micheal D. Cohen (the actor) describe himself.

I find it insulting that even our community now describes ourselves in terms of our birth sex. I understand a need for non-binary people, but it's very insulting to be taken aback like that. Before I came out to a trans girl once, she said one of my experiences was an "AFAB" thing. Like no honey, I get catcalled, talked over, boob sweat, and the close female comradery