It's amazing and infuriating how many people believe that white women aren't oppressed.

So many people in the comments of that tweet are all smug, mocking others for never have learned history to know what happened to WOC in the US. While they themselves don't know how women were treated like shit everywhere since the dawn of mankind, including white women in europe.

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And not just including white women in Europe, either. Plenty of white women in the colonies that would become the USA, white women in/from USA after it became a separate country, were treated like shit and had lives of grinding poverty, hardship, oppression and abuse too.

It's so weird to see liberal white people do this to white women of all classes, as if they deserve to be mistreated. They hate white people. Self hatred is an odd thing to watch unfold. They really think this will help them distance themselves from "those whites." Oppression Olympics only breaks down collective action. United we stand, divided we fall. It's almost by design, I don’t know.

How do Americans ALWAYS think about race in everything they do?

Many indigenous women were forcibly prevented from having children... which is the exact opposite of what happens in the HT to the handmaidens.

I think MA chose to make the people in the novel white because she wanted to say to comfortable middle-class white women, This could happen here. It could happen to you. Don't think you're immune. Rather like Sinclair Lewis's It Can't Happen Here (1935) about fascism in the US.

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Few things grind my gears as much as people who think no history ever historied outside of the US. 😒

I believe Atwood said in an interview that she used actual events from various parts of history and from various groups, not just from the American continent and not just applying to women of color.

When Margaret Atwood was writing the book, she took inspiration from, among other things, the rise of the Christian right in America during the 1970s and '80s, the Islamic revolution in Iran in 1979, and much less well-known, a woman in 17th century New England named Mary Webster, who was one of the people she dedicated the book to, and whom she later wrote a poem about.


Thanks for that information!

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So, I have been battering the ACLU, NARAL and PP for days about them refusing to use the word women.

I think it was ACLU today who for the first time said "Black Women" are affected by the abortion ban.

It is so bizarre they can't be just "women." It has to be qualified: poor, disabled, immigrant.

Like the white women are distasteful thing is so widespread no one wants to see to be sitting next to them in the cafeteria.

I argue white straight women are more hated than white straight men.

Oh, 100%. There are ZERO names insulting straight white men.

Watching Bill Burr do a stand up on white women peaked me on this.

That fucking bum. "White men terrorized the Earth forever and white women were right there so they're just as guilty!"

Something something rules of misogyny.

“People only learned about a topic after it was highlighted by pop culture” …yes? What’s the complaint here exactly; do they expect western women to just independently come up with and then decide to Google “FGM in African countries” or “acid attacks Iranian women” or any number of horrifying realities for women across the globe? It sure as hell isn’t being taught to them in grade school.

Exactly what I was thinking. The reason many people aren't aware of the history and modern reality of female oppression is because nobody fucking talks about it. I certainly didn't learn in school about it.

This just seems patently untrue. Raping black women was about increasing their stock of enslaved people, they wouldn't adopt the children. I really ought to read Birthing A Slave, i read a review of it recently. I think it's pretty original, if a little based on the Bible story with Jacob raping his slaves.

Raping black women was about increasing their stock of enslaved people,

I'm sure it was also about satisfying the perverted desires of the masters

Yep. The practice was even considered something of a “safety valve” as it protected white women from being defiled or whatnot, the logic being that boys will be boys… While it was just tacitly accepted that sexual violence against black women was a-okay

I swear some of the most brain dead takes I ever read in my life get tens of thousands of likes on Twitter and I just don't get it. How are people this dumb?

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