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I am reaching a point where I genuinely hope that this is actually a severe sign of something wrong with them from taking estrogen, and that all their fantasies about "period pains" will come true when they actually get diagnosed with a real medical reason for why they're getting mass phantom psychosis. No, it will never be period pain, because you don't have the organ that causes it. Maybe fibroids or something worse.

Fatherfucker hasn't even been on E for a MONTH. This is placebo crap.

hasn't even been on E for a MONTH. This is placebo crap.

lol, yeah. His recent post from 15 days ago says he's starting HRT... so which one is it, a day away from a month, or a little over two weeks?

PS. i caution people not to check is history, b/c surprise surprise he likes porn subs.

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Verbatim title of one of his posts: "i just wanna be a sports bra and swim trunks at the beach type lesbian"

Not a fetish, noooo.

Haha so relatable omg I just had my period in the middle of my finals, I spent my period doing an entire programming project completely on my own because my all-male team ditched me 🤪 tee-hee 72 hours straight drinking Red Bulls and smoking cigarettes in front of my laptop while popping Naproxen and barely showering while also having to do laundry. Just girly things teehee.

Eat shit.

I hope you throw those scrotes under the bus.

They asked if I can explain the project for them before the presentation 🙄 unfortunately for them I intend to get hammered after my last exam and will be in no position to explain a thing. Oops

The misogyny, among other things, just jumps off the screen. Don't we all eat junk food and cry at cat vids, ladies. We're so gosh darn hysterical and dumb.

When I get my period, I get a migraine and uterine cramps, and that’s about it. I don’t get mood swings or cravings.

Same. Lots of pain, no mood swings. Actually, I tend to be very clear-headed and logical on my period. How about they try to emulate that?

Dear Sir,

Eating junk and crying is a stereotype made up from movies and TV shows, which were written by men. Like you.

Regards Spicy Meatball

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I would appreciate if TIMS would start "keepin cats names out they fuckin mouths" 🤣 cats are known TERFs and want nothing to do with your fuckery.

Emotion + junk food = period

To think I buy tampons when I get my period when what I really needed was fries. MacDonald’s fries, specifically.

Ah yes, who could ever forget the stereotype that women cry, especially while on their period. Because of course, men don’t cry, ever.

I have PMDD barely controlled (three days instead of 3 weeks) with HBC. I would pay good money to watch one of these men experience "Real" pms. They'd be back to identifying as men so fast, and they might even understand that words don't make you suicidal, but real hormones sure can!

Cause that's what being a woman is all about right? MOODSWINGS!

Men never have those multiple times a day. My male family members change their mood twice a day, sometimes more.

Mood swings are so woman core!! can’t believe only women have emotions that’s actually crazy >_<

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